Study NCERT books thoroughly

Pankhuri Dudani
First-year MBBS student, Maulana Azad Medical College

I decided to study biology from the NCERT books. The best way to prepare for next year’s entrance is by thoroughly revising the content of NCERT books. Apart from regular preparation, I solved question papers of entrance tests conducted in the last 12-13 years and that really helped.

Arushi Rai
First-year MBBS student, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Make sure that your basic concepts are clear instead of mugging up lessons and theory. Try to read from other reference books once you finish with the NCERT syllabus. Get used to answering multiple-choice questions. Now with NEET coming in place, you have 180 minutes to answer as many questions, so time yourself well.

Aditya Gupta
First-year MBBS student, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Solve all exercises given in the NCERT textbooks. I also solved at least seven mock tests a day three months before the test. Some other books that I referred to included Arihant for physics; OP Tandon for inorganic chemistry; Arihant for organic chemistry; P Bahadur for physical chemistry and Dinesh for biology.

As told to Gauri Kohli


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