#AfzalGuru: Parliament attack plotter becomes web trend

Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru gained little sympathy on the internet when news of his execution hit the headlines on Saturday morning.

"Jihadi terrorist, kill afzalguru and crushed cockroach" were popular words used to describe his execution, according SAP Social Media Analytics, which is a tool to track internet trends.

Here are two word cloud representations of how's Guru's hanging was discussed on the internet.   

A word cloud representation of top Twitter hashtags on Guru's execution.

Gujarat chief  minister Narendra Modi said the hanging of Guru was better late than never. "Der aaye durast aaye (Better late than never)," Modi tweeted.

The hanging of Guru is not a time for politics but calm and sobriety, tweeted minister of state for home RPN Singh.

"Afzal Guru was hanged this (Saturday) morning. This is not a time for politics but calm, restraint and sobriety," RPN Singh said on the microblogging site Twitter. 

Guru was "innocent", said Pakistani journalist and TV anchor Hamid Mir.

"I think he was innocent but hanged in India," tweeted Mir.

A word cloud representation of terms used for Guru's execution.

Afzal Guru was convicted for his role in the attack on Parliament in 2001. He was hanged Saturday morning in Tihar jail.

Guru was given the death sentence by the Supreme Court in 2004. His hanging was earlier scheduled for October 2006, but was suspended or stayed after his wife had filed a mercy petition on his behalf.

Nine people were killed in the December 13, 2001 parliament attack when five heavily-armed Pakistani terrorists drove into the parliament complex and opened fire. There were about 100 MPs in the building at the time of the attack. The terrorists were shot dead.

Tweets on Afzal Guru hanging

@thekiranbedi: Afzal Guru case needed a closure. It disturbs some and settles others! Always damned if u do,doomed if you don't!Governance is tough!

@parrygn: I don't think that d nation's collective conscience would b harmed nw if #AfzalGuru's death penalty was to be commuted to life..!

@rameshsrivats: Afzal Guru hanged. His career - Started in Parliament, ended in Tihar Jail. Familiar path.

@sardesairajdeep: Kasab hanged just before winter session.. Afzal guru hanged just before budget session! Coincidence?

@MaliniP: Given the doubts on whether he had a fair trial & sensitive situation in Kashmir, hanging Afzal Guru likely to have high political costs.

@suhelseth: So Afzal Guru hanged at 6.25am. Good. This Government has shown more courage than it's given credit for! And thank GoD, Pranab is decisive!

@tweetjha: To all those, who think fair-trial wasn't given to #AfzalGuru,I wonder if only accepting his mercy plea would had qualified for a fair trial!

@sardarinam: Afzal Guru is a freedom hero he is a Saheed of the freedom fight of Kashmir ... God bless him .. Amin

@vaishalins: Today, I pray for #AfzalGuru and his family. We don't know what is wrong and what is right, but we know what is very very sad.

@ShujaUH: This was the second death for him, a decade long incarceration is no less than what happened with him today. #AfzalGuru


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