'My vote will favour one who is trustworthy, reliable and powerful'

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  • Updated: Sep 26, 2013 21:27 IST

Jyoti Kantwatia from IIM Raipur, who will favour a leader who is trustworthy, reliable and powerful. (Ejaz Kaiser/ HT Photo)

Name: Jyoti Kanwatia
Age: 22
IIM Raipur student

When you cast your vote will you go by the party or the personality?
I would definitely go by the personality of the leader. It’s the leader who defines the action of the party. There is a reason why Barack Obama is the president of United States. My vote will favour one who seems more trustworthy, reliable and yet powerful.

What is the first issue you want addressed?
Safety for the citizens and everyone getting the sense of freedom.

What bothers you most about the state/country?
Being a girl in this patriarchal structure, the crime against women happening around. I don’t know how it feels like to be free.
Will you be voting this year?
Of course. It gives me a great feeling to deliver my fundamental duty as a citizen.
Are you satisfied with our politicians?

With so many controversies, scams and poor governance reported, politicians are gradually losing our trust. Politicians need to do more.
Do you think politics/elections can improve the life of the common man?
We vote them to power with reasons and expectations. Politics makes a difference and every politician understands this but they don’t meet the expectation of the common man.


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