Multiplexes: the next best option

Saif Kadiwala and his friends were the only people at Cinemax, Versova, who were cheering for Sri Lanka. They got several not-so-pleasant stares from the rest in the packed theatre.   

“We want India to win anyhow. We believe that whichever team we support loses and that’s why we are rooting for Sri Lanka,” said the Jogeshwari resident. Multiplexes across the city were booked well in advance for the World Cup finals.
“Tickets were completely sold out by Friday itself. Not many people came to watch movies on Saturday. Shows before noon still had some takers but after that less than ten tickets were sold,” said Rajender Singh, associate vice president, programming and distribution, Inox Leisure Ltd. Of the five screens at Inox in Nariman Point, three were showing the final.
“We didn’t even try looking for tickets at Wankhede as we knew they would be too expensive. Watching the match at the stadium would have been fantastic, but a multiplex was my second choice because of the added advantage of air conditioning,” said Rainish Momin who came to watch the match with a vuvuzela and whistles.


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