‘With exercise and diet, I have control of my life’

It’s been three years since Khar resident V Ramaswamy, 58, was diagnosed with triple vessel disease, which means blockages in three of his coronary arteries.

Ramaswamy was advised a coronary artery bypass graft surgery to remove the blockages. But the chartered accountant took a second opinion, and that doctor suggested he try the enhanced external counter pulsation therapy to increase blood circulation to his heart, along with cardiac rehabilitation.

Following the advice, Ramaswamy, who also has diabetes, began exercising. “I walk on the treadmill and cycle under the supervision of doctors at the cardiac rehabilitation centre. Over a period of time my stamina has increased significantly,” he said.

Ramaswamy also uses a portable heart monitoring device to keep track of his heart during exercise. The device continuously transmits his electro cardiogram (ECG) to the monitoring station wirelessly while he is exercising. “It ensures that I perform the optimal amount of exercise in the safest manner possible,” said Ramaswamy, adding that the day he skips the gym, he goes for a three-km walk.

“As I am a diabetic, I have always followed a strict diet. With regular exercise and controlled diet, now I feel that I have control on my life,” he said.

To his relief, a few months ago, doctors reduced his cardiac medication. “The doctor also mentioned that my sugar and triglyceride levels are under control,” said Ramaswamy.

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