You are at your best after a workout

Bhaichung Bhutia Early in life, we are all told why health is wealth. In these times of increasing urban stress, it is more important than ever why we should take this proverb seriously.

You feel good when you stay fit. I always believe that a person who is fit has a better chance of succeeding at what he or she does than someone who isn’t. And I am not talking of just sport here. Wanting to stay fit begins with a mental adjustment you need to make and, trust me; once you have done that it becomes a habit. You
are at your best mentally and physically when you have done your workout.

And that could be walking, jogging, stretching or running. Different people stay fit by following different routines meaning there are no hard rules. Try taking out half-anhour in the morning for starters. A session at the gymnasium would be a bonus but, please, it has to be under professional supervision.

Given that fitness was always linked to be my bread and butter, I never really had a choice in the matter. But even when I give up playing football, I don’t want to stop working out. Just that it will be different from the requirements of a professional. I will, maybe, play five-a-side football or other sport like basketball
or tennis. It is extremely unlikely that you will see me as an out-of-shape former footballer.

Having been bothered by a calf muscle injury for long, my football career has been forced into a break. But if the legs needed to be rested — adequate rest is an important part of any fitness regimen — you can always work on your upper body. Right now, I have just started training with my teammates at United Sikkim Football Club. And because my club commitments mean I have to travel a lot, I try and do the gym sessions at hotels whenever I can. At the gym, I focus on weight training with special attention on my legs.


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