Poets Of The Fall love paalak paneer

  • Vaishali Bhambri, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Aug 19, 2012 00:15 IST

Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall want a generous portion of paalak paneer (cottage cheese in spinach sauce) when they are in Delhi next week. “Paalak paneer is one Indian dish that I sure want to have while I am in India,” says Maarko Saaresto, the popular band’s lead vocalist.

The group, which last visited Bangalore in 2011, will perform in Delhi on August 24 at Hard Rock Café. “I even eat Indian food in Finland. I just love the spices used in food here. Earlier, when we visited India, I was apprehensive about getting a Delhi belly … but the spinach curry is too good,” he says.

Another thing they can’t wait to get a taste of is Delhi’s crowd. “I am really looking forward to coming to India again. It’s really nice ... the schedule is tight, so we won’t get much time to explore around, but would love too,” he says.

Saaresto has not heard any Indian rock band, but he says that India amuses him a lot. “An Indian travel show is my favourite back in Finland. It’s just that you can’t hear or see everything in the world,” says the member of the band that shot to fame with their s first single  — Late Goodbye, written for the computer game Max Payne 2 in 2003.

And do the Poets like Indian cinema? “I watched a lot of Bollywood films when I visited last time. I even carried them along. I cannot recall names now, but the music score and the dancing really interests me,” he says.


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