Pinning it up in style

If you thought safety pins were only good for securing a baby’s diaper or the pallu of a sari, think again. These handy little pins seem to be the hottest fashion accessory. Literally sticking a needle into the ballooning criticism about her weight gain, pop diva Lady Gaga wore the same iconic pinned vintage Gianni Versace dress on Tuesday in Milan that actor Elizabeth Hurley wore 18 years back.

Actor Kristen Stewart was also spotted in a safety-pinned red Balmain creation at a red carpet appearance last year and singer Avril Lavigne has a safety-pin design tattoo. “Using safety pins to jazz up your outfits is cool. It is fun to use unusual objects to make a fashion statement,” says designer Rimzim Dadu.

Flaunting safety-pins doesn’t always have to spell punk-rock. So, go ahead and craft your own pinned bracelet or pin up your ripped denims to rock the look.


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