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From a national level hockey player to popular Punjabi singer, Satwinder Bitti will now get to be in the shoes of an actor. In Jalandhar on Saturday, where Bitti was accompanied by co-star Arun Bakshi, she shared details about her upcoming film, Dhee Punjab Di, and the reason for it being close to her heart.

The film would hit the screens by June end.

Centred on the issue of the status of women in present day society, Bitti says the film was just what she was looking for. “There has always been an actor deep in me, so I was waiting for the right opportunity to plunge into acting. Dhee Punjab Di is the perfect film for me to debut in,” says Bitti, who plays the protagonist, a woman who fights all odds to take care of her family and becomes the sarpanch of her village. “My character’s pursuit to change the mindset of the people towards women is the film’s focus,” adds the singer.

Bitti believes that the best way to ascertain the success of a community is by assessing the stature that it accords to its women. “If women are respected in a community, it is bound to progress,” says she. Bitti says filmmakers usually play safe and don’t experiment much with different genres of films. “But there is so much to explore and work upon,” she stresses.

Bitti informs that she has been offered a couple of roles but wants to wait and watch how the audience accepts her in her debut project. “The film industry is where I belong and wish to stay here for seasons to come,” she adds.

Meanwhile, versatile actor Arun Bakshi, who hails from Ludhiana, will be seen in a Punjabi film after a long hiatus. Talking about the ‘call of roots’, he says, “Baljit Singh, the director of Dhee Punjab Di, had been in talks with me for over a year. But, the reason I felt compelled to sign this film was its plot. After the Delhi gang-rape and the gang-rape in Patiala that forced the victim to commit suicide, our country needs a mass awakening. The status of the women in India is deteriorating. I wanted to use my experience in a project that is much more than just commercial cinema.”

Arun, who has previously been a singer, feels that singers make good actors. In the film, he plays an MLA. “From being one of the worst, my character is a good man by the end of the film. The movie is a conscious effort to inspire the society to end atrocities against women. With good music and a romance angle, the film is clean, yet different,” says Arun, who will next be seen in another Punjabi film, Saada Jawai NRI.

Dhee Punjab Di releases by June end and also stars actor Jaspinder Cheema, who was last seen in Punjabi film, Ik Kudi Punjab Di. “In a parallel lead, my character is of strong headed lawyer and a hockey player. I want to use my background in theatre to set a benchmark in the
industry,” she smiles.


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