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With every piece of work, she lives a moment. Retelling various stories through her paintings, Delhi-based artist Priyanka Dua, 35, brings to city her third solo exhibition called Life in the Moment.

“Life in the Moment is my third solo exhibition, after Delhi and Indore. Though I have been part of about 25 group shows, this exhibit features works in mixed mediums (digital art, photography, installations and paintings),” says Priyanka.

Pointing towards one of her works, Red Salvation, she says, “This one depicts a person going through salvation. I’ve painted a male figure because I don’t differentiate between men and women; it’s the emotion of a person.”

Priyanka, who has specialised in fine arts from SPDW (South Delhi Polytechnic for Women), is also a senior faculty member for art and design at Jagannath Institute, Delhi.

Differentiating between the art scene in metro and non-metro cities, she says, “You’ll obviously find lesser number of people interested in art here than in Delhi or Mumbai.

There, you will find a gallery after every 500 meters, and will meet all kinds of artists, from 70 years of age to 20, which also plays to your disadvantage sometimes.”

Priyanks’a art work ranges from R5,000 to R1,00,000 and her exhibition is on till April 22 at Art Portfolio, Sector 9, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh.


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