Diarrhoea claims third life, more than 80 found affected

  • Jatinder Kohli, Hindustan Times, Jalandhar
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  • Updated: Sep 06, 2013 16:57 IST

Six-years-old Nisha, a resident of Guru Diwan Nagar near Garha, died of diarrhoea on Friday. This is the third death in the locality since the outbreak of disease for the past three days.

The number of diarrhoea patients is continually on the rise as till Friday morning, more than 80 patients were found suffering from the disease, apparently due to consumption of contaminated water.

The residents of Guru Diwan Nagar, Tara Chand Colony and adjoining Ratan Nagar in Garha area were the most affected due to disease.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Videshi Rishidev, uncle of the victim said that she was normal till Thursday evening and but complained of loose motions and vomiting last night. He said that the family took her to a nearby private doctor, given medicine and was brought back home but there was no improvement in her condition. Later, on Friday morning at around 8 am, the family decided to rush her to the civil hospital but she died on the way.

He said that Nisha had come here along with her mother, Geeta from Saharasa district of Bihar a month ago only.

HT team talked to several patients who were reaching a medical camp at Garha health dispensary on Friday.

Kishan Kumar, a resident of Garha said that he was suffering from stomach problems and vomiting since two days. He said that despite drinking boiled water, he became victim of the disease.

Sunita, a resident of Tara Chand Colony also said that despite taking medicines last night there was no improvement in her condition. She also said that now, doctors have recommended her to go to civil hospital for better treatment.

Kirpal Pali, husband of area councillor Satya was also admitted to a private hospital on Friday after he complained of stomach problem. Satya said, "Several complaints have been filed with the corporation against migrant scrap dealers who mostly reside in Guru Diwan Nagar and do not maintain hygiene and have illegal water connections but nobody bothered".

After third death, mayor Sunil Jyoti along with civil surgeon Dr RL Bassan and municipal corporation's commissioner Vinay Bublani and others reached at affected areas and ordered disconnecting of the illegal water connections which led to water contamination.

Senior medical officer Dr Baljeet Singh said, "Till Friday afternoon, around 100 people have complained of the symptoms of the disease and have been administered medication in the camp."

"Around one lakh chlorine tablets and 1000 ORS packets have been distributed among the residents of Guru Diwan Nagar, Tara Chand Colony, Ibraham Nagar, Geeta Colony, Balmiki Mohallla and Ratan Nagar in last three days" said the SMO.

Epidemiologist Dr Satish Sood said, "There is Cholera outbreak in the city and the five water samples taken by health department with H2S kits were also declared unfit for human consumption".

The health department has also confirmed about the outbreak of cholera in the city.

Two tests positive for dengue

Apart from diarrhoea, two people also tested positive for dengue on Friday. One of the patients has been admitted to civil hospital and other was under treatment at private hospital.


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