'Be careful when sending assessment data'

  • Deepa Sharma Sood, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
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  • Updated: Feb 08, 2013 18:15 IST

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has sent a feedback on assessment data provided by schools to the board for the 2011-12 session.  A circular regarding this was updated on the board's website cbse.nic.in on February 4.

Talking to Hindustan Times RJ Khanderao, regional officer, Panchkula, CBSE, said, "The board has sent a feedback to the schools so that they don't repeat the same mistakes while sending the assessment data of Class 9 and 10 this time. Moreover, the board has asked schools to send the assessment data for Class 9 and 10 electronically this year as well. The lines are open and schools can log on to the CBSE website and can sent the assessment data by keeping few points in mind.

Pradeep Singh, principal of Shamrock Christian Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana, said, "After receiving the feedback from the board, the schools will become more careful now and will crosscheck the information twice before sending it to the board."

Last year's goof-ups/Feedback received by schools

1) The highest marks obtained by a candidate in an assessment/ examination in school were taken as the maximum marks assigned to the assessment/examination. (OR)  The marks obtained by a candidate were supplied after reducing to required weightage without changing the maximum, marks assigned to the assessment/examination, which should have been avoided.
2) Marks obtained by the candidates under Scholastic Areas Part 1 in Class 9 were supplied without taking cognisance of marks obtained under EIOP (Eligible for Improvement of Performance). It should have been supplied after taking cognisance of EIOP.
3) In descriptive indicators under co-scholastic areas/ co-scholastic activities: There were many spelling, grammatical mistakes and variations in the descriptive indicators provided by the schools, Schools should have avoided spelling and grammatical mistakes. In view of this, the board provided the descriptive indicators.
4) Different subjects were opted by a candidate under Scholastic Areas Part 1 in Class 9 and Class 10.

5) Few schools had not followed the schedule for supply of assessment data. This resulted in delay in compilation of results. Schools were requested to follow schedule rigorously to avoid delay in compilation of results.

6) Candidates appeared in Summative Assessment 2 in Class 10 for both scheme-1 as well as scheme-2, which should not have been done. For such cases, lowest marks obtained should be taken as final.


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