Hackers offered $16k reward, booze to crack iPhone fingerprint security

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  • Updated: Sep 20, 2013 14:43 IST

The US hacking community is reportedly set to offer a reward of 16,000 dollars to the first person who hacks the latest iPhone 5S' fingerprint scanner.

Security experts Nick Depetrillo and Robert David Graham have set up a website called IsTouchIDHackedYet.com, which tells people if the iPhone 5S' TouchID has been hacked yet.

Tech giant Apple unveiled the new smartphone with the hi-tech feature of scanning one's finger impressions for securely locking the device.

Graham said that hackers had used gummy bears to lift fingerprint sensors a while back, but it is a lot harder than that adding that they are all offering money because it is going to be hard.

According to the report, two users Natasha Lomas and Darrel Etherington tried to use varied impressions for unlocking their phones. Lomas was successfully able to use her cat's paws for unlocking the phone, but admitted the process of registration took time.

While, Etherington tested using the underside of his forearm and the heel of his palm and was able to unlock it.

Etherington, who is a writer for TechCrunch, said that as long it is a recognizable pattern, the feature works adding that it has to be alive and any type of exposed skin can work, the report added.


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