Is Google about to launch its own version of Evernote?

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  • Updated: Mar 19, 2013 11:21 IST

Reports that users are experiencing problems with Google's Drive suite of online apps and services could be linked to a new note-taking app on the horizon.

Early on Monday app called Google Keep magically appeared within Google Drive, only for it to disappear again almost as quickly. However, Google wasn't as fast as Android Police, which managed to take some screenshots and provide some background to the app first.

Google Keep appears to be a note-taking app in the same vein as Evernote that can also be used to take clippings from web sites, Google searches and even store images. It also appears to have its own Android app version which, as Android Police points out, is unusual for a Google Drive app but, if it is a similar service to Evernote, then a mobile app version of the service will be mandatory.

Since the app disappeared from Google Drive, users have been reporting outages and have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns. The issues seem to be intermittent and appear to affect different users in different ways. Some can't open folders, while others can log into the service but are having problems with their Gmail accounts. Tech blog TechCruch claims that it has been having problems with its own Drive account but is yet to receive any sort of explanation from Google.


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