What if Michelle 'desi' Obama wore sari

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    Michelle Obama's latest fashion. (Photos: AFP, AP, Reuters)

  • Michelle Obama

    Beautiful in blue! Michelle Obama had yet another best-dressed moment when she wore this gorgeous blue gown in 2012.

  • Michelle Obama

    Here, she wears a chiffon–and-velvet Jason Wu gown at the Inaugural Ball in Washington DC on January 21, 2013.

  • Michelle Obama

    Mrs Obama joins the US President at the White House State Dinner in 2011, in a vibrant Alexander McQueen gown.

  • Mrs Obama

    She chooses Carolina Herrera during the President's first official visit to Germany in 2013.

  • Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama stands out in a sophisticated Jason Wu gown at the inaugural ball in Washington DC on January 20, 2009.

  • Michelle Obama

    On February 29, 2012, she makes her way down the White House's Cross Hall in a cobalt Jason Wu gown.

  • Michelle Obama

    She accompanies the US President to greet former PM Manmohan Singh at the White House, wearing a silver-appliqué Naeem Khan gown.

  • Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama picks a super-pretty Tracy Reese frock for the Let Freedom Ring ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2013.

  • Michelle Obama

    At the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Phoenix Awards dinner, she cinches her fancy gown with a J Crew belt. The perfect high-low mix.

Gasp. Of course, we're losing our mind at the very thought that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is gifting 100 of the finest Benarasi saris to Michelle Obama, when she visits India on Sunday. Alright, we accept it: We're having a minor Michelle Obama obsession, right now.

Obviously, Michelle never fails to turn heads. We all know she looks stunning in her super chic ensembles, but one article of clothing that we are yet to see the US First Lady rock is -- wait for it -- a sari!

So if you've gotten used to reading stories about Obama’s expected outfits during her upcoming India tour and are finding yourself in Michelle wardrobe withdrawal, we have the cure! We have rounded up a few sari looks we’d love to see her in while she's in India. Oh, and Michelle Obama, if you’re reading this, you better sit down for it: We went a little outside-the-box with our picks and even selected few jazzy Bollywood-style saris with the chicest blouses out there.

So without further ado, make way for Michelle Obama's desi avatar, as imagined by us. And, if we were her personal stylists, we would be giving these looks a serious gaze.

Warning: These picture may cause severe confusion. You should probably pour yourself a glass of cold water and prepare a warm compress before proceeding. Yes, this is what the US First Lady, one of the most, if not the most, stylish and glamorous women in the world, would look like if she wore a sari.


Always impeccably dressed, known for her ornate designer gowns and chic dresses -- we hope to see Obama wear one of these red carpet-ready saris. Her pumps and matching clutch will finish off the perfect, polished First Lady look.


As far as saris go, a black one, is easily our favourite for Michelle. It is undeniably glamorous and flattering, especially for someone who is as bold and beautiful as the First Lady of fashion.


Is there anything Michelle can't wear?  Of course not! US President Barack Obama's pretty, pretty wife is tall and elegant, with perfect hair and perfect clothes. With their evident poise these saris will totally amplify her stylish self.


They're slim and flattering, with drapes that draw the attention to her fabulous and fit figure and give it a bit of a cocktail do vibe. Our personal favourite is the red sari that'll give a little flash as she walks. If she does actually step out in one of these saris, she really will turn heads!


Because we're talking about the poster girl for American high fashion, nothing less than these super stylish saris will do. These saris have classic drape styling that she is sure to love.

(Photomorphing by Hitesh Mathur)


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