Pratyusha was fed up with Rahul’s harassment: Mother

  • Farhan Shaikh, Mumbai
  • Updated: Apr 06, 2016 23:52 IST

Pratyusha Banerjee had spoken to her aunt a night before committing suicide and told her that she was fed up with her life because of boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh’s harassment, her mother told the police. Banerjee used to call her mother Soma from her maid’s phone as Rahul had restricted her from speaking to her parents, she said in a fresh statement.

Banerjee used to call her mother Soma from her maid’s phone as Rahul had restricted her from speaking to her parents, her mother told police in a statement.

Hindustan Times has accessed Soma’s fresh statement to the police while she pressed charges of suicide abetment and assault against Rahul.

“In October last year, I had heard them shouting loudly in their bedroom and at one occasion, Pratyusha came running out of her bedroom scared,” said Soma Banerjee in her statement to the police.

She told the police that Banerjee had called her aunt Barnali on March 31 afternoon. During her conversation, Banerjee confided in her aunt that she is fed up because of Rahul’s harassment. Banerjee also told her aunt that she does not want to live anymore.

This statement of Soma made the police register a case of abetment of suicide against Rahul. Soma told the police that Rahul had physically assaulted Banerjee and mentally harassed her between June last year till the day she ended her life.

Soma also told the police that Rahul had forced Pratyusha to shun her parents and as a result of which she returned to Jamshedpur leaving Banerjee behind in Mumbai.

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“He accused me of black magic and creating obstacles in the way of their marriage. Pratyusha would use her maid’s phone to call me and talk secretly,” Soma said.

In January, Banerjee had gone to stay at her uncle Dipankar’s house where she told him about Rahul’s abusive behaviour. She showed her aunt Barnali an injury she suffered on her thigh.

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“Dipankar told me about her complaints and said he is sending Pratyusha back home. He had got railway tickets but he asked me not to come to Mumbai as she had forbid me to come,” Soma stated.

Soma also stated to the police about Rahul verbally abusing Banerjee and physically assaulting her several times over her previous relationship with a businessman. Soma further told the police that Rahul threatened her and Banerjee to disconnect the registered mobile number on their (Banerjee and Soma’s) joint bank account.

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