A year in the life of the Delhi school system

Do students in government schools have a future?
This year Hindustan Times is following six students enrolled in a Delhi government school in Sangam Vihar, from their first day in Class 12 to the last day of their board exams.
Scroll down, meet the Class of 2018, join the adventure.
Model schools
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As exams approach, some Delhi teachers are "better than nothing" A tale of four schools: How institutions can vary within the same system
Money matters
Blurry blackboards, expensive medicines: How the clinic affects the classroom Private 'academy' for boys, sarkari school for girls
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Work worries
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Missing teachers
An "urgent requirement": Where are the teachers? When parents are short on time and money, kids struggle in school
Why doesn't this co-ed school have any girl students? On Delhi's outskirts, schools urgently need teachers
Textbook trouble
Schools should integrate students, but maths divides them Students are fighting to stay in the education arms race
Delhi is educating its daughters, but will only let them work as teachers When summer holidays are for study, not sleep
The curve steepens
Why fewer kids from poor families become engineers Where schools struggle, students seek out English themselves
Sangam Vihar's old boys look to shed old baggage How hard is it to find a good government school in your neighbourhood?
Early lessons
Juggling dreams and livelihood: View from the back-bench Studying versus learning in a world that counts marks
School is liberating young women, society is holding them back The watchful student
School begins