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A moment to celebrate

columns Updated: Apr 19, 2013 02:07 IST
Upasana Kochhar

This article is for all those moments when a tear falls out of our eye, remembering a beautiful old memory or a past which we miss. It is for those sensitive times when we yearn to go back into time and want to relive those good old days and regret why our present is not as beautiful.

Here I compare our life to a very simple example which you could relate to and which may give you a macro view of the situation you may be in.

Imagine life as a string and each one who enters it is a bead that is strung on. It is then a kind of a necklace which you adorn on your neck. Make sure your necklace is pretty as you will wear it all your life and flaunt it today and each day of your coming life.

Each bead has its own size, its own value and a particular place on that string. Each bead is separate and has its distinct place and we need to let it be there.

In life also, a lot of people come whom we love, get attached to and something or the other leads to a split. Remember that this was their exclusive place in the timeline of your life. Let this presence be beautiful and worth remembering as it is a part of your string. Don’t force the same bead to come again as its charm, its exclusivity, its value, all would be lost.

Every moment of your life needs to be distinct and is not comparable to another. Your life today is not the same as what it was yesterday for a particular reason and the reason maybe that it is supposed to be a trillion times better than what it was yesterday.

Now is a new moment, a new minute for you to live and a new chance for you to string a bead brighter than what you have ever strung before for yourself. And it is a moment to celebrate.