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Awakening moments

columns Updated: Sep 20, 2013 00:15 IST

A moment comes for all of us when we have a transcendent experience or a revelation in which we become aware that we have a higher purpose in this world. Suddenly, admist the daily rituals of waking up, getting dressed, going to work, eating, and sleeping, we get a glimpse that there is something more to this life.

That moment may come any time in life — as a child, teenager or adult. Some others may have it late in their life. Whenever it comes, it leaves us transformed. Suddenly, we begin to question who we are, why we are here, where we go when we die, and what our purpose in life is?

At one time or the other, we develop a spiritual thirst. Some people raise these questions but later bury them as they become caught up in the drama of their daily lives. Our quest for answers may resurface briefly during times of pain, suffering or loss, but is quickly forgotten.

Some of us, however, have an unquenchable thirst for spirituality and do not wait until the end of our lives to seek answers. Read about the life of any of the great saints and mystics and you will find some life-transforming experience that awakened their quest. Once these burning questions arise, there is no turning back. We are restless until we find a solution.

If we wish to find spiritual answers, we need to go within our own selves. All saints and mystics have taught spiritual practices to their disciples. These practices can be performed by any person of any age, religion and culture. Anyone can learn meditation.

In my travels around the world, I have found a growing hunger in people to learn a way to find the answers within themselves. Before our awakening, it is like we are sleeping. We started out in the lap of God but got lost in the attractions of the world. We have forgotten our true Home.