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Crime and punishment an alien concept

columns Updated: Jun 15, 2013 10:35 IST
Crime and punishment

In a society which believes in a world where change is never linear but cyclical, a revolution is an impossibility. The more things change, the more they remain the same is a perfect catchword for people in whose worldview personal salvation overrides collective good.

Infinite would be the examples in our country to prove that this extremely selfish philosophy, ingrained in us through our belief that this world is governed by karmic laws, is anti-progress. It may help an individual gain nirvana, but does not help a societal change for the good of everyone.

When applied to our cricket establishment, all it means is that a day will come when all those who are at the centre of breaking every rule in the book of governance, will get their comeuppance, if not in this life, surely in the next. In this divine system, crime and punishment are not part of temporal justice. You reap what you sow, but only in the next life.

No heartburn
Since none of us have seen the next life and know nothing of our previous births, we should be content with a Srinivasan dictating terms to the Board and making light of what to most is an untenable situation.

When the entire Board makes a pretence of punishing him, but in reality makes no effort to change the very flawed edifice on which they stand, no problem. We know that “big brother” is watching.

Uskey ghar mein der hai andher nahee (In God’s world justice can get delayed but can’t be denied). This very belief gives us faith as we know all the culprits of the cricket establishment will be punished one day, even if the present system lets them go free.

If yesterday, we welcomed a Jagmohan Dalmiya being removed from the cricket establishment, today we should welcome him back. Where is the harm in hoping that the man will now cleanse the very system he himself may have been responsible for creating. Optimism flows from having faith. And having faith means accepting the present as long as it does not harm our personal prospects.

What’s the harm?
In this world of sleaze, favouritism and fixing, a MS Dhoni’s conflict of interest should appear to us an innocent exercise in multiplying wealth with wealth and power with power. Unlike the others, he has at least exceptional cricketing skills which entertain us, make us proud. Isn't he and his team at this moment playing some breathtaking cricket and making us feel wanted and loved in the sporting arena?

When we can’t punish the “real culprits” what right do we have to pull down our icons! And poor Sreesanth and his two other unknown teammates’ only crime is that they got caught in doing what even the investigators believe is more widespread than you can even think of. Or they must be paying for their past “sins”.

Crime and swift punishment is an alien concept for us. It does not exist in the living world. So why fret and fume when life is an unending, repetitive chain. At the moment, why not enjoy the very thought that India could become champion of champions in the next few days.