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Faith is your anchor

columns Updated: Jul 11, 2013 01:13 IST

We live in Gen-Z, the fast-track, high-tech age. An age where we all are in great rush - to achieve something, anything; but we have no clue what we want to achieve.

This chaotic rush generates insecurity, tension, stress and confusion which in turn cause frustration that leads to negativity. Negativity destroys everything that is sane, noble, pious and beautiful in man and his habitat.

So how do you continue to live with your generation but still retain your sanity and peace? The challenge is for both - the Creator and the creation.

He and you owe your existence to each other and complement each other, sharing the challenge of life equitably. He provides you with strength and guidance and you make the effort to change negative situations to your advantage and come out victorious, bringing glory to Him and yourself.

The key is to establish a connection with Him. While you may not know how he ‘operates’, what you should know is how you can make Him your ally. Believe in Him and approach him through your faith. It is your faith that gives Him his existence and you the channel to communicate with Him. Keep your faith close and at all times.

Do not wait for adversity to recall your faith. Begin by believing that life is beautiful and wonderful. Start your day by thanking Him for being alive and in good health and beseech Him to be with you to help and guide you through the day.

At the end of the day, thank Him again for being with you, for helping you overcome your day’s travails.

But not every day will be successful and fruitful. The cycle of pleasure and pain is unending. Pleasure and pain follow each other and are inseparable.

You can’t seek one and discard the other. So, you will face many lean and mean phases in life that may last for days or even months together.

In such cases, you can connect with Him and you will get help from Him.