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Fight the war within

columns Updated: Jun 12, 2013 23:08 IST
Sanjay Goel
Sanjay Goel
Hindustan Times
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Life is a constant battle and can be compared to the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. These two battles represent the actual battle that we fight within us all the time.

If we compare our lives with the Ramayana, then we are Rama; while our devotion, sacrifice and compassion is represented by Lakshmana, Bharat and Shatrughna, respectively. Our army or Vanarsena is our detachment. Our greatest enemy or Ravana is the mind while our 10 senses are his 10 heads. Our lust and ignorance are represented by Meghnath and Kumbhkarana, respectively.

Similarly, if we compare our lives with Mahabharata, then we are Lord Krishna while Pandavas, - Yudhishtra, Bheem, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahdev - are represented by our virtue, health, sacrifice, love and compassion, respectively, and our army is represented by detachment. Our greatest enemy or Duryodhana is our mind while our 10 senses can be compared with Dushasana, Shakuni, Karna, Beeshma, Drona, Kripa, Ashwathama, Vikarna, Bhoorishawa and Somdutt. The enemy consists of various objects of senses or desire. Our enemy is trying to destroy or imprison us in the darkness of ignorance.

Our enemy is very powerful and formidable and attacks us from three sides. The first is through its army--- the objects of senses or desire. This can only be defeated through our army of detachment.

The second attack is from our 10 senses. To defeat these senses, we have to attack them through our army of 10 virtues--- truth, forgiveness, honesty, simplicity, charity, cleanliness, sincerity, compassion, equanimity and patience.

The third and the most formidable enemy is our mind which can be defeated through the Brahmastra of indifference.

If you observe your mind carefully, then you will find that your mind is always restless for some gain or to avoid some loss.

If you are able to conquer this inner battle and force your ‘enemy’ to surrender before you during your lifetime or before death, then you will attain the ultimate peace.