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Flex your mental muscles

columns Updated: May 24, 2013 01:56 IST

Have you ever heard of something called a ‘mind gym’?

People all over the world tone-up their physical bodies to keep them fit and sturdy. Medical science says our muscles become less efficient if not flexed regularly. Hence, people go to gymnasiums, yoga classes, etc to remain strong and supple.

Our mind is no different. It too requires a daily workout session. If we let our mind run loose and wild, it actually becomes undisciplined and powerless. If we get distracted too often by everything around us through sight, sound or touch, our mind becomes fatigued and inefficient, thereby failing to execute what is essential or normal.

That’s when we start complaining that our mind is ‘driving us mad’, without realising that a depressed and disarrayed mind is indeed a paralysed mind.

Those who succeed in life are the ones with stable or conditioned minds. They consciously use their minds to create thoughts of abundance and gratitude. They can exercise their will power to obtain productive results. Hence we must condition our mind to be positive by a regular morning session of meditation, which will make it bold, courageous and determined. These qualities have to be cultivated by us from within.

Once we start the mind gym, our mind will get empowered and we will observe its benefits like an improved memory, enhanced intellect, peace of mind, attitude of acceptance, positive approach towards life, intuitive power and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Start the mind gym to lead a healthy, happy and purposeful life.

( www.brahmakumaris.com )

(The writer is an international speaker, spiritual educator and experienced meditation teacher.)