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Focus on renunciation

columns Updated: May 22, 2013 01:45 IST
VN Chhibber

Most of us are caught in the web of worldly delusion. We are unmindful of the lurking dangers and are content in the bondage of materialistic life. But there are people who have awakened to a higher goal and are soul-conscious. They know how to balance spiritual and worldly life.

Spiritual people make sincere endeavour to free themselves. They are saintly and it is reflected on their face.

In chapter V of the Gita, you get to read about spiritual aspirants who remain liberated while working with the world and partaking of its offerings. They take the path of action and do not become recluse, retreating to inaccessible regions. A good soul gives up most desires and is busy in His remembrance. Liberation is within his grasp.

A person with wealth of spiritual knowledge has a purified soul, he overcomes his mind and subdues the senses. Such a person with divinity dedicates his doings to God. As the lotus leaf is untouched by water, a good soul is unattached to the world, despite functioning in it. He is focused on self-uplift.

Renunciation of Swami Vivekananda was not life-denial, it was life-enabling. It was like turning away from a trifle now to a better tomorrow.

So, accept life’s trophies and enjoy the celebration. Renunciation is preventing the clutter of insignificant things from interfering with the important aspects of life with more elbow room for real freedom; it is diligent waste disposal.

In other words, renunciation is not keeping away and living a life of seclusion. It is learning to live a life of inclusion by weeding out that which comes in the way of a fulfilling life.

Renunciation opens the doors to realisation when you are not hampered by hassles of body, mind and intellect. Thank God for giving you a human form. Pray to Him for His benign blessings. And then you can become the lighthouse to benefit others.