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Forgive to enlarge future

columns Updated: May 14, 2013 22:49 IST
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Forgiving is an art, not a belief. You need to forgive for yourself, for your development. When we don’t forgive others, we are punishing ourselves. Imagine when your hard words can make others cry, what effect they could be having inside you from where they are originating.

Forgiveness is a trait of the strong and the weak keeps it close to the heart. Many of us follow the approach of lingering on to the grudges and never nursing the wounds. But we forget that by holding grudges, we are devastating our own lives. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it definitely enlarges the future.

Most of us think that if someone hurts us, we are going to remember that for life, probably for two reasons: So that we remember we trusted the wrong person and, second, punishing the person who has hurt us. I was no different. But if you think a little deeply and logically, you will realise it is an immature approach and we are not punishing anyone with this attitude except ourselves.

Learn to forgive, life is too short for holding grudges and adding wrath and anger. It is better we forgive others for their bad deeds, but never forget them as individuals as they can cheat once but not twice.

Everyone commits mistakes as we are human, people who repeat the same mistake over and over proves to be knuckleheaded. As humans, we are bound to make mistakes but learning is also a part of human nature. Forgiveness is for sure a greatness show but it’s also an intelligent show as you disconnect yourself from a bad phase.

I follow this saying diligently, “Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.” And I believe we are in a cycle, we forgive someone today and tomorrow we are forgiven by others.

It’s so simple: Watch your steps while climbing a staircase as you are going to meet the same people when treading down the staircase.