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Life’s deeper crux

columns Updated: Jan 09, 2013 12:43 IST
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One must always bear in mind that having a good home, eating good food and wearing good clothes are all only means to living well; but not the goals of our life.

How we travel or what vehicle we travel in, depends upon the terrain and upon what is available. A thousand years ago, people travelled in a bullock cart very comfortably and it was a great luxury. They enjoyed the bullock cart as much as we enjoy a Mercedes Benz ride today.

So the means is not the issue here. On the basis of our social and economic realities, some means will happen for us. But to what end? That is the big question, always.

The way people and the world are structured, at any moment, anything can collapse. What is very wonderful today can turn horrible tomorrow. We are not wishing it, but being blind to the possibility is being stupid. Being aware of all the dangers, you know very well you could be knocked down to death the next moment, and still you are able to walk joyfully on the street – that is wonderful. If you are not aware, then you are just living in a fool’s paradise.

If you are aware that the next moment could be your last, then you live differently. All your intelligence begins to function. If we think we are immortal, we will do very idiotic things on the planet. So, it is very important to constantly remind yourself that you are mortal. Any moment it could happen.

If you know this, you will naturally want to know what this life is about, what the deeper crux of this life is. You will not just settle for the surface of it. By thinking about God, you will never turn spiritual, you will turn fanciful. But the moment you start thinking about death, then you want to know what the source of this life is. And that is the way one has to live to live well.