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Moment of realisation

columns Updated: Feb 03, 2013 23:21 IST
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The distinction between 'I' and 'You' has been the base of many philosophical discussions. This was also dealt with by the great seer Ribhu in the Tejobindu Upnishad.

Ribhu had a large number of disciples.

He guided then up to a certain point and then asked them to progress on their own. However, in disguise, he visited them to find how they were progressing.

One of such disciples was named Nidagh, who had been sent home by Ribhu. Once, in tattered clothes and in disguise he visited Nidagh. He was not in his hut. Ribhu waited. When he came back, the master asked him where he had been. Nidagha said that he was seeing the King's procession, which still was passing a little distance away. "Well, I see a man and an elephant."

"But who is the King", asked the master. "Above is the king, below the elephant", replied Nidagh, a little amazed at such 'ignorance'. "Thank you. I am an ignoramus. I now see the king and the elephant, but I do not understand this 'above' and 'below'. I thought everyone was at the same level." said the master.

At this, Nidagh became furious. He said in anger, "Lie down on the ground you rustic and I will explain to you 'above' and 'below'. The master obliged. Nidagh sat on his back and said, "Now understand. I am above and you are below". The master said, "Yes, now I understand 'above' and 'below' of yours, but I do not understand who is 'I' and who is 'You'

It is said that this was the epiphany moment for Nidagh. The understanding hit him like a bolt of lightening and he became enlightened. He now realised that the rustic in tattered clothes was none other than his celebrated guru, who out of kindness bore the wrath of his disciple to further him on the road to realisation.

If this realisation dawns on us too, then there will be no conflicts, no wars but understanding and love.