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Mysteries Of The Mind

columns Updated: Jan 25, 2013 01:31 IST

Many of us are not aware about a fact that we are gifted with 2 minds - the conscious mind & the subconscious mind. Let us reflect at length on the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the unconscious mind. It is the hidden part that stores all our past experiences and memories, which we no longer remember. These create our automatic behavioural patterns, reactions, fears and phobias; the dreams and the thoughts that pop into our minds from nowhere.

Now, how does one train the subconscious mind to behave in a way we want it to be? It is said that where our attention goes, our energy flows, so one must always focus on one's inner qualities like peace, love, happiness and not on mistakes and weaknesses.

Even when we make mistakes in our life, we are still valuable. So always see yourself as a valuable being and as a being full of positive qualities. Live in the present and put the best of you into every moment of your life.

Usually in our day to day activities, we tend to think, act &react with no space at the slightest provocation and then regret it later. We can begin to change this by strengthening our intellect, our power to discern and decide that emerges from the subconscious. Our intellect acts as a filter in this whole process. It filters our thoughts and reactions through the filter of our values. Practice stepping back, out of your mind, and see your thoughts and reactions as if you were observing someone else. If there are some things that you don't like, don't repress, suppress or be influenced by them. Accept them and then re-direct your mind to your positive qualities and values. Cleansing is a process, so be patient and one day you will wake up and discover that you have become your best.

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(The writer is an international speaker, spiritual educator and experienced meditation teacher.)