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Punishing rapists

The alarming increase in the incidence of the crime of rape has rightly drawn maximum attention of the media. Khushwant Singh writes.

columns Updated: Dec 30, 2012 23:45 IST

The alarming increase in the incidence of the crime of rape has rightly drawn maximum attention of the media. We can assume that as more and more women come out of seclusion to work alongside men in offices, shops and factories, the incidence of rape will increase unless we take drastic changes in the laws which deal with the subject. Widespread demand that it be punished with death is foolish. Punishment should be a deterrent and not the outcome of public outrage. Death sentence imposed on murderers has not brought down the incidence of murders - nor will it have any impact on the incidence of rape. The punishment for a rapist is to render him incapable of repeating his crime for ever. He should be castrated and once for all be unable to repeat his crime. The sentence of castration should be made mandatory and not left to Judges' discretion.

I also think that prostitution should be legalized so that men who are unable to control their libido have other outlets to vend their lust and not force it on unwilling women. It is worth keeping in mind that in advanced countries like the scandanavian the incidence of rape is very low because women are more liberated. Moreso, even prostitution there is on the decline as professionals have been driven out by amateurs.

II. On the mark
By sheer chance, I happened to stumble across Balmukand Arsh Malsiyani's (1908-1979) poem Haqiqat (Reality), which I had translated for my Collection "Celebrating the Best of Urdu Poetry" (Penguin), jointly with Kamna Prasad. I reproduce it as it sums up my present state of mind & body:

Firdaus key chashmon kee ravaanee pey na ja
Ai Shaikh too jannat kee kahaanee pey na ja
Is vahm ko chhor, apney burhapey hee ko dekh
Hooraan-e-bahishtee kee javaanee pey na ja

Do not get taken in by takes of streams that flow in paradise;
Old Sheikh, do not be fooled by stories of heavenly delights;
Forget this make-believe, be your age, see your grey hair forsooth
Don't dream of houris in the bloom of their youth.

III. No problem
"We have introduced this machine to aid male patients with infertility problems," a spokesman for Nanjing Central hospital in Jiangsu province told reporters, "because some of them have problems when we ask them to produce sperm samples in the clinic, in the old-fashioned way. The patient stands here, in front of the machine, and inserts his penis into the patent rubber sexual message pipe at the front. The user can adjust the speed, frequency, amplitude and temperature of the rubber sexual message pipe with these controls here, to suit personal preferences. To get him in a sexy mood he looks down at this screen, and chooses a suitable pornographic movie with surround sound. I am currently researching 3D pornography to further assist with the extraction process. After making fun, the fluid travels along the rubber message pipe and is collected in a sample jar, for use by our staff. Then the rubber pipe is rinsed, and the machine is ready for use by the next patient."

The pink, grey and white machine, which sells for US $2,800, has been developed by the urology department at Zhengzhou Central hospital Its director explained that "it may not look very erotic, but it can give patients a very comfortable feeling."

(Courtesy: Private Eye, London)

IV. Son's courtesy towards parents
Son saw his father looking at Viagra tablets with curiosity. "Father, it is the best aphrodiasiac of the present times, and you can try one, a gift from us, but make the most of it, as each costs ten dollars," he said.

Next morning, father left 110 dollars at b/fast table with a note. Thank you, son, find ten dollars from me and 100 dollars from your mother.

(ii) An inconsolable lover
A woman who had a young lover, died. The fact was known to all in the town including her husband. During a condolence meeting, the lover was inconsolable and the widower naturally felt embarrassed among the mourners. He went to the young man and said, "Do not cry and worry, I am going to get married soon."

(Contributed by BM Singh, Amritsar)