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Smiling away to liberation

columns Updated: Jun 17, 2013 00:19 IST
Ravindra Kumar

Guru Granth Sahib says, “Apne gam ki numaish na kar, apne nasib ki ajmaish na kar.” (Do not exhibit your sorrow, do not test your destiny.) “Jo tera hai vo tere pas ayega, har roz use pane ki khwahish na kar.” (Whatever belongs to you will come to you; do not desire every day to get it.) “Taqdir badal jayegi apne ap he ai dost, muskarana sikh le vajah ke talash na kar.” (Destiny would change by itself my friend; learn to smile, do not search for the reason.)

Remaining contented and keeping a smile is the biggest service to God. When a person surrenders with faith, the Lord takes care of him in every way.

Someone said man is the only living being who cries on being born, complains throughout his life, and repents while leaving the world. One would not do so if one understands the Guru’s words.

Guru Granth Sahib says, “Vaheguruji, jo tusi ditta te jo tusi nahin ditta, jo tusi de ke le litta, is har ik gal lai shukar hai; kyonki jo tusi ditta us vich tuhadi mehar hai, jo nahin ditta us vich sadi bhalai hai, jo de ke le litta o sada imtihan hai Vaheguruji.” (Vaheguruji, whatever you have given, whatever you have not given, and whatever you gave and took away, we thank you for each one of them; because whatever you gave is your blessing; whatever you have not given, there is our good in it; and whatever you have given and taken away, there is our test in it.) Being thankful to God in every situation shows faith in Him which in turn brings inner peace and care from Him.

To crown the whole thing, a poet said, “Mita de apni hasti ko agar kuchh martaba chahe, ki dana khak me mil kar gule gulzar hota hai.” (Do not attach any importance to your worldly power and position if you want real gain; because the seed, only on being crushed into dust, germinates into a new plant.)