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The magic of thought

columns Updated: Jan 18, 2013 00:40 IST
Poorva Trikha

Come to think of it: Our bland neutral world and the magic of a thought! A happy eye sees the stars as shining lamps of a celebrating sky but a sad one knows them as the scars of burning pains in the heart of firmament.

Just like the concept of God, life is formless, colourless, tasteless and neutral like boiled penne or vermicelli. In the same manner that pasta becomes red pasta on adding tomato or becomes white pasta on adding white sauce and cheese, life also changes its taste at the hands of its chefs – we the living beings. We are our own chefs and we can either spice it up or boil it down to suit our taste buds. The way we look at our lives is just an endless play of our thoughts and moods.

We all get our photographs taken; and with the help of latest technology, we alter them to our own desirability. If we want a picture to look antique, we use the antique frame. If we want it to appear bright, we highlight it with colours. We control things as per our wishes. When we are happy, even the trees seem to be dancing; and on the other hand, when we are sad, all that we focus on are stray dogs barking.

Adding that extra touch to our feelings, passionate thought, make our normal days worthwhile; and withdrawing the same makes us feel that life is a burden. Our moods are but states of our minds, which can be controlled and directed. We are the masters of our own lives. We can shape it, reshape it or do whatever we want to do with it. We choose the way we want to be and, therefore, the best we can do is to become aware of how powerful we are and work towards getting the best out of each day that comes our way.