Game for some ‘brotherly love’

It was great to open the morning newspapers and see the Knight Riders on top of the table for the first time. Was it Saturday, or Sunday? I can't remember; days just drift!

The team's focus is always on the next match. We're not saying that we aren't focussed on qualifying for the semifinals, but it's the next match that counts until that goal is achieved.

It was a devastating blow for Brad Haddin when a broken finger ruled him out of the rest of the tournament. He will be missed. I didn’t know him well until we shared a changing room. Hopefully in future, we will get more opportunities to play on the same team.

One man’s loss is another man’s gain, and I’m naturally happy for my best friend Mark Boucher who gets a chance to play in IPL-4. Bouch, like me, has been around a long time and sometimes suffers from the misperception that he is ‘old’.

Actually, Bouch is two years younger than me and, not only is he playing the best cricket of his life at the moment, he probably hasn’t even reached his peak. I look forward to him displaying his best skills over the next few weeks.

I still haven’t got used to seeing the reaction from the crowds to ‘the boss’. Shah Rukh Khan is a remarkable man and commands unbelievable following.

My partner, Shamone, is set to leave after our next game. It’s been fantastic having her here; she loves the country and fills me with enthusiasm. But there will be no negative effect on my performance once she’s gone — hopefully, it will be the opposite. I’m really excited about the business end of the tournament and look forward to getting stuck in with nothing to distract me, even someone as attractive as Sham!

I’m particularly excited about playing against Dale Steyn again. He always says nice things about me, but our mutual respect doesn’t mean we
hold anything back on the field. In fact, it’s the opposite. We’ll do anything to kill each other during the match. That’s what brotherly love means in cricket! HAWKEYE


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