Heat is on for the World Cup captains

The world cup matches are getting closer to one another in terms of playing dates and also tighter in terms of results. As competition heats up, the captains are getting busy on and off the ground.

The day everything will work for the skipper he would have definitely earned a good night's sleep but the day things go haywire he will find himself to be the only reason for all agony.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has led by instinct and has brought success for the country. There has been lot of talk about playing three seamers till now but he has stuck to his guns.

He definitely has a thought process of his own and it's very important for him not to get influenced by what others are thinking or suggesting. Dhoni is also that type who will support his players till the end and it was good to see Piyush Chawla back on the park when a many thought replacement is surely on the card.

Ponting is one captain for whom this world cup is very important and after having spoken to him I get a feeling that he still wants the job.

The inclusion of Mike Hussey will definitely strengthen the Aussie team and they will be an even more formidable force in this competition.

Shahid Afridi has had a good run as a captain till now except for the New Zealand match. He has led from the front especially with his bowling.

The captain who has impressed me the most is Porterfield of Ireland. He does not have the best of resource up for the job but has tremendous control over his team.

Different captains have different pressures and Porterfield has the pressure to prove that his country is worth a place in the world cup and for that they have done pretty well so far.  PMG


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