Leave Yuvi alone, he’s an exceptional batsman

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  • Updated: Apr 03, 2010 00:03 IST

I have nothing against the entertainment side of the League or the Beautiful People who flock to our games, but as an Indian cricketer, for me, the Indian Premier League is still cricket, cricket, cricket. I go out there to play hard, and go out there to win.

And while I'm saying 'I', this is true about any of us Indian cricketers. As a professional cricketer, you really want to come back to that dressing room as part of a winning team. Which is why I am unhappy with the way Yuvraj Singh has been pilloried by the media and by people all over.

You have got to show confidence in your cricketers, you have got to back them up when they are down.

Yuvraj is an exceptional cricketer, and the match-winner right now in this country. He's always been the way he is, in form or out of it. He's had the same lifestyle, the same carefree, happy attitude to life in general. So why kick the guy when he's down?

Every damn thing a cricketer does is under the microscope, which is a tough enough way to live life but isn't a cricketer also a human being with ups and downs, good days and bad, needs and desires, likes and dislikes, just like everyone else? Isn't he entitled to his privacy?

This is the same Yuvraj who's single-handedly won matches for India. Time and again. So yes, he's going through a lean patch, that doesn't make him any less of a fantastic player.

Every person, whether it's Yuvraj, or you or me or anyone else, needs space and time to recoup, the freedom to be allowed to do that and the confidence that someone out there is standing by him.

It's easy to bring down someone who's already down, it needs heart and character to stand by him and will him to get back.

As a pro cricketer, I can tell you that we do everything we can to win, irrespective of who is captain, whether he is an Indian or a foreigner.

I'm captain now, but if I were not, I'd still do my best to be on the winning side.

It's the same for all the players I know. This is our life; the only life we know. And no one would want to risk it.


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