Most of my actions are being wrongly interpreted: Gambhir

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  • Updated: May 05, 2013 03:09 IST

The roller-coaster ride that is my cricketing life continues. After a fantastic win against Rajasthan Royals on Friday, the whole focus has shifted to my non-selection for the Champions Trophy. Yes, I am disappointed but not disgusted. Yes, I am down but not out. I will continue to fight, score runs and stage a comeback. Simple.

I am not a stranger to comebacks. I have done it before and I am confident it will happen again. All is well as I think I am in control of my game. But what's disturbing is that a lot of people feel I am not in control of my emotions. That's wrong and most often my actions are wrongly interpreted. I had no tiff with Rahul Dravid. Perhaps it is the perception is haunting me. Let me get the facts right for all of you.

How it started
It started when Shane Watson got into verbals with Manvinder Bisla. I can understand why Watson reacted angrily. He was being treated with disdain by Bisla. There were words exchanged and I was suggesting to the umpires that they should calm down Watson. Rahul also came around but there were no words exchanged between us.

Rahul continues to be my respected colleague. There was no conflict between us. I don't understand why people are making a big deal out of it. I wonder if we like a bit of drama or want to add spice to the most bland of situations.

My more illustrious friend Shane Warne is one of them. I believe 'compliments' for me sitting oceans away! I am not surprised as this is not the first time I am seeing Aussies hunting in a pack. It just shows we are doing certain things right. Good luck, Warnie!

The other day a section of the media reported that I had a fight with Balaji. Later, it was also reported that I had a showdown with coach Trevor Bayliss. All this is fiction. I was only telling Bala to execute what we had planned. I may have been saying this at a high pitch because of the noise. And me and Bayliss can only fight because of my golfing exploits. He is a legend in that sport and I am a disaster!

Honestly, we played a fantastic game and it will be a shame if the focus is taken away from Yusuf's unbeaten knock or Kallis contribution. Let's see if we can repeat the same performance five times over.

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The writer is KKR skipper


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