Simple things always work, both in cricket and life

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  • Updated: May 09, 2013 01:01 IST

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. But sadly it was not the proverbial tunnel rather the end of the five or six tunnels we crossed on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway on Wednesday.

Cricket-wise, we continue to make things difficult for us, as we did against Mumbai on Tuesday.

I am writing this sitting in our Pune hotel. Fate has its way of reminding things. Last year, we stayed in the same hotel and worse it was the same room. The hotel, room might be the same but we are in a different situation altogether. Last year, we won against the home team and reached the No 2 spot to set up a qualifiers clash against the Delhi Daredevils. This year, the story is very different.

Fixing blame
To begin with, I need to take the blame for not batting as well as I should have. Even in the last game against Mumbai, it was bad shot selection.

Prior to that, I should have looked for an alternate stroke against the Super Kings in Chennai and the Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur.

Our batting continues to disappoint. Mumbai's score was gettable but we pressed the panic button too soon. The Wankhede pitch was a good one to bat, the demon was in the mind than on the ground.

With four league matches to go, we have everything to play for. For me, the tournament isn't over. I have said this all along that the yardstick for any system is how many individual leaders it creates. I don't like to talk about individuals but I think in a team environment, individual growth is also an important tick in the box.

Individual growth
Domestic players need to evolve, fringe players should go on to play for their countries and international cricketers continue to stamp their authority and class. All this may not be a substitute to winning the trophy but it still speaks volumes about our cricketing system.

I've a sponsor commitment in the evening and post that the plan is to do simple things. I've a friend coming over and Natasha and I will probably have dinner at a roadside kiosk.

Maybe, it'll be pao bhaaji for me and something similar for her. This will be followed by ice-cream or kulfi falooda. The drive and dinner could be followed by a long walk in a deserted street.

I know it sounds a little too ambitious but trust me I do this once in a while. Just two days back we were walking around the Marine Drive at 2am. Funny, simple and small things always work, cricket or otherwise.

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The writer is KKR skipper.


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