Believe in action

There is the saying, think twice before you speak. Sometimes, though, we have to think  a thousand times. That is when we have to apologise or when we are trying hard to get a person back to the good track of life.

Most of us normally make sure we never become a reason for others’ problems and rather be a reason for their happiness. But sometimes circumstances shape up in a manner where we almost unintentionally hurt our loved ones.  It is in these situations, people, make a long apology. Everyone does this at some point in life.

Recently, a small incident changed my perspective towards the whole scenario. It so happened that my dad was hurt and upset over a heated argument with my brother.

He felt very bad and helpless after the incident. Usually, in such situations, I used to calm him down.

This time, it was night and dad was lying on the bed. He decided to make space for me to sleep next to him. Much like my childhood days, I curled up next to him. Of course, he felt moved and kept my palm on his eyes that were closed.

The act was a little gesture but it brought about a miracle. His anger vanished within a matter of seconds, and he said, “love you beta.” Then, he slept peacefully.

So, even if you have made a mistake, don’t apologise because your actions only can prove your realisation. Small gestures like “Jaadu ki jhappi” can move a mountain.

Just do things from your heart, believe in your actions and turn your words into action.


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