The journey to live

For most of us, the journey of life may not be that exciting. Only a minority of us will say that it is or can be an equally great experience.

Brandon Bays, in her The Journey, gives many personal healing experiences to make life’s journey easy and enjoyable. One such story is about a 50-year-old Israeli woman hit hard by polio. After going through the ‘journey process’, she had nothing short of a miracle: her polio-hit leg grew longer and that built up her confidence to live and enjoy life to an extent that she had no grudge with life.

And then you have this woman in her late 50s, who was a patient of multiple sclerosis and was thus a mere bundle in a wheelchair. After going through Brandon’s healing process, the woman could, like any other normal person, run, jump and dance.

These and several other such experiences delighted Brandon beyond her expectations.

But such ‘miracles’ don’t happen on their own; one has to take strenuous efforts and  have faith and self-confidence of a warrior.

One has to make the best use of the tools to clear all that hinders one’s progress and healing process. Ego, jealousy, shame, violence and many other similar limiting factors have to be ‘ousted’ from one’s mind and soul.

Brandon’s healing process has done wonders even with patients suffering from the so-called life-threatening diseases like cancer.  As Brandon herself says her type of journey is not a process of addition but one of subtraction.

Basically, it is all about unlearning and relearning afresh to have a new lease of life through new and innovative approaches. The rot within you has to be taken out and then carry on positively with a clean consciousness.

Life is a process of constant change and one who refuses to learn and walk this lesson refuses to grow. And, surely, one who refuses to grow, refuses to live.

Therefore, a journey that involves all the ‘tools’ to self-renewal is a must for all. It gives one an option to choose ---do or die.


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