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The Tiger’s roar is now a whimper

Shiv Sena will celebrate its 50th year in 2016. As it prepares to commemorate the occasion, it would do well to reflect on a significant message from the Maharashtra assembly poll result.

New innings, old problems

Haryana has been third time lucky in 2014 — after 2004 and 2009 — to get a majority government, this time to be run by the BJP, which has also announced that its chief minister will be Manohar Lal Khattar.

Reforms must run their course for economy to regain its full strength

For an economy struggling to claw out of its deepest slump in 25 years, it’s a pleasant sight to spot a flurry of reformist intent, if not downright action.

Defeat is not new to Cong, but the party has to start its uphill climb

There was bound to be some collateral damage. After all, the BJP opened up with its heavy artillery to flatten the opposition in both Maharashtra and Haryana. And the worst hit is the party’s traditional rival, the Congress.

The BJP is in the driver’s seat in Maharashtra

The BJP has dramatically altered the political landscape of Maharashtra. At the time of going to press, it had won more than 120 seats in the 288-member assembly making it the single-largest party but placing it short of a majority.

Many socio-economic challenges lie ahead for BJP in Haryana

Once again Amit Shah has produced pure gold for the BJP from an amalgam of seeming dross. The Congress was on a losing wicket in Haryana anyway. It had got just 15 of the 90 seats in the state it has ruled for 10 years.

NREGA scheme is not broken, so govt need not fix it

While most governments when they come to power do tinker with schemes launched by their predecessors — the NREGA was the UPA’s pet scheme — this is one programme that the NDA should not tamper with.

Help yet to kick in for sexual harassment against women

The conviction of five men for abducting and gang-raping a call centre employee in Delhi in 2010 is good news but it should not mean that all is well with the system that was promised to the women of the country post December 16, 2012.

Racism goes against the grain if India is trying to be a modern nation

In recent times, sections of the public in our metros have shown themselves up for what they are — bigoted, prejudiced, small minded and insular cowards.

Making it easier to do business

Industry needs to respond quickly to the labour reforms announced by the Prime Minister.

No clear trends in assembly polls, counting day could be exciting

It is very rare that an assembly election campaign throws up no trends at all, but this would seem to be the case with the Maharashtra and Haryana polls, which take place today.

The UK surely knows better

The 9/11 attacks were a turning point in the fight against terror. The general consensus, which holds true even now, was that terror recognises no national boundaries and nations should come together to fight this evil, whatever else their differences may be.

Weathering the cyclone’s fury

The disaster has set the Valley’s economy back by decades. To compound the problem, J&K’s official machinery was in a state of stupor for days, overwhelmed by the destruction — and if there was a disaster relief plan in place, no one got to see it in action.

Beware, deadly ebola could arrive at our doorstep

A female nurse, who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person known to die of ebola in the US, has been tested positive for the deadly virus that has claimed at least 3,400 lives and infected double that number in West Africa. This marks the first-known transmission of ebola in the US.

The case of our missing resolve

Jhanvi, who went missing from the India Gate area on September 28, is a very lucky child, to say the least. Thanks to an aggressive search operation and an intensive social media campaign, the police found the child a week after the dreadful incident.
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