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Modi works for a neighbourhood that embraces India

A distinctive feature about PM Modi’s reign in power so far has been his government’s focus on the South Asian neighbourhood. His endeavour stems in part from a need to undo a disarray in neighbourhood policy.

Reforms in labour laws welcome, back them with social security plans

Reforms in labour laws is a step in the right direction. Now back them with universal social security plans.

Farm to fork, our food is becoming a toxic cocktail

The indiscriminate antibiotics use, leading to resistance, has happened because India has no regulation on controlling the use in the poultry industry, or to control sales of antibiotics to the industry.

Little room for India to take sides in confrontation between Russia and West

India walks the tightrope amid the new round of confrontation between Russia and the West. Russia and the US have been at loggerheads for months after a pro-Russian president in Ukraine was replaced.

Transparency in appointments vital, as is ensuring speedy justice

In the controversies over judicial appointments, things such as delayed court verdicts and lack of a sound infrastructure are being lost sight of. The judgment in the Kumbakonam fire tragedy has finally come after 10 long years.

Kerry visit: India, America need to get past bumps

India-US ties have, in recent years, been marked by lofty rhetoric, high ambition, intensive engagement and underwhelming outcomes. Obama described the India relationship as one of the 'defining partnerships' of the 21st century. Kerry leaves for India

Old habits die hard

People in our cities seem on a very short fuse. To say we lack civility and civic sense would be an understatement.

Cycle of violence in UP, cause and culprits don't change

Having handled the Saharanpur clashes well so far, the SP should prevent the disturbance from spreading

Mind their language: UPSC aspirants must know their English

The government has come under unexpected pressure from protesting students who have taken to the streets in Delhi, railing against the Civil Services Aptitude Test conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

The Buzz

Keeping tabs on the political grapevine.

Fair deal for our farmers: India means business at WTO

India’s refusal to back the WTO deal is right as it is imperative for the State to support farmers, more than 90% of whom are resource-poor and own less than 10 hectares of unirrigated land.

We don't need this education: say no to Dina Nath Batra's books

Dina Nath Batra's books are to teach children factually incorrect information. India does not lack scholars on culture and heritage. Batra and his ilk are certainly not among them.

Budget shows that pro-business can also be pro-poor

Arun Jaitley’s remarks that a pro-business government can also be pro-poor put things in the right perspective. Under the UPA, business had come to acquire negative connotations.

Slamming Sania is a new low for champions of hate speech

The state BJP’s opposition to Sania Mirza being appointed Telangana’s brand ambassador because she is the 'daughter-in-law of Pakistan' is objectionable.

A test for India's diplomacy: speaking with candour to Israel

Indian diplomacy works in mysterious ways. One moment Sushma Swaraj resists a discussion in Parliament on Israel’s military assault in Gaza and then subsequently blocks a resolution on the issue on grounds that it cannot be introduced under Rule 176.
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