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The power of Android: How smartphones are swatting out dengue in Lahore

Pakistan's Punjab Information Technology Board's dengue activity tracking system uses real-world field testing of aedes egypti (mosquito that transmits dengue) larvae and confirmed cases of dengue from hospitals to predict where outbreaks are likely to happen.

Give the economy more political heft or bite the dust

The economy is on the upswing. There is no doubt about that. But the quality of political debate and the mindset of the polity will have to change to take it to the next level, according to Arun Jaitley, the finance, corporate affairs and information and broadcasting minister.

SC order on Ranjit Sinha restores credibility to 2G probe

The SC order directing CBI director Ranjit Sinha to recuse himself from 2G probe is, on the face of it, a severe indictment of India’s top investigator and agency, but it is still not a pronouncement of guilt.

Bhawna Yadav murder: Strong campaign needed to counter caste prejudice

While the government must not delay in bringing in legislation against honour killing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has often talked about his low-caste origins, should take up the issue of caste.

In such godmen we don’t trust

There are several things that rule India’s mindscape: Politics, scams, cricket and Bollywood. And then there is a full range of self-styled-godmen who have made insecurities and aspirations of people/followers the working capital of their thriving business across the country.

This game’s gone too far

Cricket is probably India’s biggest religion, and people’s faith in it is frighteningly blind. This may have changed in recent years. Disgusting revelations of corruption in the sport, of players who sold their soul for money, have driven at least a few fans away from the game.

Any political force challenging Modi must have a powerful alternative vision

For any formation to make a difference, it must be able to provide a very powerful alternative vision to Mr Modi’s coherent one. This is a tall order and past experience does not fill us with confidence that these formations can step up to the plate.

New energy in India-Australia ties will boost local economies

Delhi is interested in Australia’s natural resource exports while Canberra is alert to the promise of India’s vast market for its services.

Modi has done well to shape G20 outcomes

The G20 summit was yet another public diplomacy triumph for Mr Modi, who is demonstrating great ease on the global stage. A piece in The Guardian said that he arrived in Brisbane as 'the political rock star of the summit'.

RBI must reduce lending rates to boost consumption

The rising inflation rate, which had forced the Reserve Bank of India to keep interest rates high, has hurt consumption demand. The time may just be ripe now for the apex bank to reduce lending costs, bring down firms’ capital costs and also nudge people to spend more on durables such as automobiles.

Don’t rewrite the rules for education

Young minds are shaped in the classrooms and under no circumstance should they be imparted any knowledge which is ideologically weighted or just plain and simple wrong.

No immunity for impunity

The Machil verdict can set the stage for a fuller investigation of similar incidents such as the one in Pathribal in 2000, in which also the Supreme Court had ordered a trial.

G20 is being recast as a forum that focuses on jobs and growth

The G-20 was set out as a finance ministers meeting in 1999 but was scaled up to summit level after the financial crisis in 2008.

WTO standoff over, India must focus on a larger economic story

While the Narendra Modi regime has built a narrative around how it took on the international system to defend the Indian farmer at the WTO, the truth is that India’s hard-nosed tactics over its food subsidy limits have only baffled the world.

No inequalities on the web

India cannot afford to ignore Barack Obama’s policy on net neutrality in today’s networked world.

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