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Jan Dhan Scheme is truly for aam aadmi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not have been more correct when he likened the problem of lack of banking services to a significant number of Indians to that of 'untouchability'.

Japan could become a cornerstone of Modi's foreign policy

There is a clear affinity between Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, but the two sides are also growing closer due to increasing unease over China’s unapologetic desire to dominate the region, writes Sitaraman Shankar.

Ruined by riots, Muzaffarnagar holds warning to India

The festering wounds of the Muzaffarnagar riots could have fatal consequences for the country. To say that UP is on its way to becoming a communal tinderbox would not be wide of the mark.

India-Pakistan should take talks out of the line of fire

Both sides must now endeavour to end the cross-border firing as nothing radicalises public attitudes faster than soldiers exchanging fire.

Rohtak girls' suicide reflects on India

Dec 16, 2012, gang rape forced a few changes in an otherwise gender-unfriendly India: We got a new anti-rape law. But that India has still miles to go is evident once again from the heart-rending story of two Rohtak girls.

LK Advani, BJP's yatri rolls into oblivion

In a not very fitting finale to an illustrious career LK Advani will now have to be content to have been always the bridesmaid and never the bride as his party eased him out of it’s parliamentary board.

Nationalism doesn't guarantee good governance

India has a competent PM and an exemplary president. Their religion or caste or community does not matter as long as they do their jobs. At least the majority of the people don’t care, but then they are not trying to win elections through less than savoury means.

Checks and balances needed for realty sector

The CBI probe into the Tata-Unitech land deal shows that the realty sector is still by and large unregulated. There is no functioning land market in India and prices of land and projects are apt to be concealed or simply misrepresented.

Bad to worse in UP as parties play with fire

There seems to be no limit to how much one can despair about Uttar Pradesh these days. Communal tensions, rapes, breakdown of law and order are what we hear far more of than efforts to tackle its serious governance deficits.

A holding action by the PM

In his election speeches, Narendra Modi regularly slammed Rahul Gandhi, calling him “shehzada”. But recently, as the prime minister was walking out of Central Hall after the President’s speech, he spotted Rahul Gandhi, smiled and held the young leader’s wrist for a few seconds with his left hand.

Hope for Lalu-Nitish after bypolls, but no wave

Not much should be read into the good showing by the RJD-JD(U)-Congress combine in the Bihar bypolls, though it’s a bit surprising that five of the six constituencies that it has won in fall in the Lok Sabha seats which the BJP-LJP had swept during the April-May polls.

Kerala govt’s prohibition will drive liquor trade underground

Mr Chandy has made a curious exception and allowed five-star hotels to continue serving liquor, as if to suggest that the rich are by their very nature more responsible drinkers and the lesser worthies aren’t.

Frame a new map for development

The North-East border crises could have been minimised if land disputes were solved in time.

PM wants action, DRDO must fire on all cylinders

A chalta hai attitude won’t do anymore. This was what Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently pointed out to the Defence Research and Development Organisation that has taken ages to conclude various weapon projects.

No limit to the brutality of ISIS

The gruesome beheading of US journalist James Foley by the Islamic State is a reminder of the ghastly effects of radicalism and the havoc that the jihadi group is wreaking across Iraq and Syria.
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