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N Madhavan

Cloud computing under a cloud

 Public cloud is like public transport: you know you can use a bus at a low cost, but you can’t be sure where you will be seated writes N Madhavan.

Wanted: A KYC for social media

To prevent combat terrorism and money laundering, financial authorities worldwide implement KYC norms. I am beginning to see a case for a similar check on social media sites, writes N Madhavan.

Indian telcos walking backwards?

Their demand is regressive – a bit like taxi drivers protesting against a cheaper metro service. The truth is that the government offered cheap spectrum to telcos and also limited the number of players in the early years. These have given them a headstart.

Infosys' dilemma: buy back shares or go for the kill?

There were times in the life of Infosys a decade ago, when some gushing shareholder would tell the then chairman, NR Narayana Murthy, at the annual general meeting of shareholders, that their money was safe in his hands. India Infosys shares rise on $1.8-billion buyback call

Why smartphones are like cornflakes boxes

Two seemingly unrelated events last month showed that a time may come soon, when smartphones and tablets maybe sold by the kilo. Well, almost. In business management jargon, they call it 'commoditisation'.

Sartorial choices: Don’t miss the politics

Tamil Nadu netas may stand by the veshti but it’s Sri Lankan leaders who celebrate it as an international costume.

Two cheers for sarkari tech startups

I am a bit sceptical about government funding start-ups without a clear idea of what it seeks to achieve. N Madhavan writes.

Jaguar truths of a Nano economy

An estimated 21 million people, expatriate Indians or people of Indian origins, remit more than $70 billion to India every year, and that’s nearly a quarter of the nation’s foreign exchange reserves.

Facebook takes the world from intellectual to emotional property

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg has a charming presence.  But, as I met her with a few journalists in Delhi, I did not immediately realise the controversial impact of a question I lobbed at her.

Old jobs fade, but new jobs appear in Indian infotech

Thirty years ago, there were typewriters. What happened to all those stenographer and typist jobs? Well, we did not see them getting laid off by the thousands, but many of them reinvented themselves.

Reliance, Amazon may usher in dealphone war

Two seemingly unrelated events on two different ends of the planet last week set the stage for what could be the next wave of the digital age. I call it the “dealphone” days. Here’s how.

Narendra Patni, Indian IT's forgotten pioneer

Narendra Patni, who died last week in the US aged 71, can be called as a pioneer at the least, and possibly the trendsetter, in information technology outsourcing.

Watch this man: the arrival of a post-television PM

Television-savvy, never reluctant to display his moods of mirth and anger, Narendra Modi appeals a lot to a young generation that watched colour TV in its infancy and found it normal to wear its hearts on its sleeves.

PMO 'Handlegate' shows Twitter as institution

The controversy last week after election results over the Twitter handle of departing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s office, @PMOIndia, underscores an important fact – that Twitter is an institution, not just a company.

Modi 2.0: From urban ferment to techno triumph

The sweeping verdict in favour of the Narendra Modi-led BJP may well have marked the return of the city in India’s public life –long dominated by rural voting trends. N Madhavan writes.

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