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Manmohan Singh: A modest politician let down by his party

How will history see Manmohan Singh? History’s overall verdict on Manmohan singh’s tenure as prime minister is likely to be positive, writes Mark Tully.

Congress was always adept at political polarisation

Politicians wrongly believe that Muslims exercise their votes en masse on the instructions of an influential cleric.

A rainbow democracy has arrived at long last

Barely five months after upholding Section 377 of IPC, which criminalises gay sex, the SC confirmed transgender rights, calling any discrimination against the “third gender” a violation of the Constitution.

Narendra Modi does not figure in the Dalit khichri

In villages near Varanasi inhabited by people belonging to the Musahar caste, there is no propaganda about Modi. They are only looking for some relief from their daily grind and rely on the BSP and the Congress.

Puppets in the administration’s hands

The relocation of the Kathputli Colony will destroy a social network that has produced myriad art forms

Only a Machiavellian approach will work

Call it media hype or the anti-incumbency factor, the flavour of the season appears to be Narendra Modi, who is expected to bring about a sea change in the way the country is run.

Vote for party which will create a better life for all

We need a party that understands that development is less about making the Sensex soar and much more about developing a better life for all Indians, writes Rahul Bose.

Hope the West isn't heading towards climate colonialism

The discussions on the IPCC assessment report provide another opportunity for industrialised nations to create a fear psychosis among emerging economies that they are most vulnerable and thus have to heavily cut down on CO2 emissions which will impact development.

Narendra Modi should be flexible towards Pakistan

What could become worrying for Sharif is that Modi might have little accommodation and patience for playing soft ball, with “zero tolerance towards terrorism” and Pakistan-backed terror groups, writes Razeshta Sethna.

Vote without fear

Once you sift the facts, those who are touted as growth champions are no better than others. Those who are vilified as economic luddites propound policies similar to second-generation reforms, writes Partha Mukhopadhyay.

A Calmer You: So, are you a shakki partner?

Today’s relationships, you can touch each other but not each others’ phones, writes Sonal Kalra.

Don't succumb to the Yalta temptation

Since Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, Ukrainians have been living through a phony peace. There is nothing phony, however, about the efforts we are now making to defend our country and democracy, says Yuliya Tymoshenko.

Don’t shy away from taking the next step

It is not the ordinary voter but the political leadership that has to take the responsibility of correcting the situation by making India corruption-free. It is never too late in politics, CP Bhambhri writes.

The Congress Party has failed to communicate its achievements

The curious thing about UPA 2’s downward spiral is that it has been caused not by acts of commission (like the implementation of wrong policies), but by acts of omission, writes Anil Dharker.

The Left has little new to offer

Nowhere is the CPI(M)’s apparent death wish more evident than in Kerala, the home of the world’s first elected communist government. Faced with a tough election, the Left has little new to offer to the young, energetic voter.
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