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Do not stagger elections, hold them together

The state government there is unable to take care of the families displaced by the recent floods. Hence there is a need for restoring the pre-1971 electoral system, which allowed for simultaneous polls.

Why Jammu and Kashmir should not have a Hindu CM

No non-Muslim has ever become a J-K CM. In 1983, when Hindus won a majority of seats on the Congress ticket from Jammu, the party chose Moulvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari, writes Binoo Joshi.

Modi must open Indian market and improve visa regimes to transform South Asia

Opening the Indian market without ifs and buts, extending national treatment and transit to cargo and visa on arrival and electronic visa clearance facilities. Writes Shyam Saran.

Fishermen release: Sri Lankan Prez Rajapaksa trumps Modi

One has to wait and see how strategic games in the Indian Ocean play out. But there is little in the passage of recent events to suggest that Sri Lanka will desist from continuing to draw China further into India’s geostrategic space, writes Sushil Aaron.

Delhi 'honour' killing: Punish Bhawna's murderers swiftly

Bhawna Yadav's parents strangled her to death for marrying outside her caste: a sign that so-called honour killings continue unabated in the country. Legislation against honour killing must be swiftly brought in.

A kiss is not just a kiss in this context

The ‘Kiss of Love’ protests have faced bitter criticism from both the Left and the Right. While the Left dubs it as a hollow response to repression that is alienating allies, the Right calls it a violation of India’s culture, writes Dhruba Jyoti Purkait.

The Jerusalem synagogue attack should not be the tipping point

This spike in attacks against Jews in Israel should be of concern. Tension has been brewing for some time now after news spread that Israel had plans of altering the present arrangement of prayers at the Temple Mount, revered by both the Muslims and Jews, writes Viju Cherian.

India’s threat from Ebola is non-existent

Don’t let the Ebola headlines scare you, humans have beaten back several infections. And many more will come. If you escape one outbreak, there’s always something else around the corner, writes Sanchita Sharma. All you need to know about Ebola

State should be allowed to have their own foreign policies

Tamil Nadu has been, for long, demanding that diplomats from the state cadre be posted in countries with substantial Tamil diaspora. Tamil Nadu can become a geo-strategic power centre in own right. Writes Rohit Viswanath.

Compulsion won't work; voter education key to participation

The proposal for compulsory voting has been raised for years in response to chronic voter apathy, especially in urban areas. However, persuasion by education, rather than compulsion, is the answer, writes SY Quraishi.

Why friendship between NCP, BJP is not surprising

Those in the know of things were little surprised with the bonhomie between BJP and NCP. In fact, the friendly relations between the two sides exist from the days when the NCP was born.

Bringing consensus back in Kathmandu

India has been deeply engaged as an actor in the Nepali transformation – so turning a blind eye to the domestic turbulence there is not an option. As the facilitator of the peace process, it is incumbent on India to tell Nepali politicians to conclude the constitution in a manner that has universal acceptability, writes Prashant Jha.

Let’s beat the drums of change harder

Many governments in the developing world, including the Indian government, have so far focused only on women to achieve gender parity. But now there is a growing realisation that men and boys cannot be left behind because they are also a crucial part of the story if gender discrimination has to end.

Imagine a world with no religion, no partition and no 9/11

To win votes on a religious basis voters have to be convinced that their religion is threatened or they are being discriminated against because of their faith, whether they are the majority of an electorate or a minority, writes Mark Tully.

India-Aussie Masterchef with political ingredients

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Tony Abbott need to urgently strategise and make up for lost opportunities over the years, writes Amit Dasgupta.
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