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Tribal malnutrition: India’s hidden epidemic

Despite constitutional protection, positive discrimination policies and earmarked budgets, India’s 104 million tribal people remain among the poorest and most nutritionally deprived social groups.

Christmas is not a festival but a feeling

Hindus seem to be celebrating Christmas this year with a zest that's quite remarkable even for this party-loving faith.

Saving Ganga will require planning and partnership

Despite its great potential to be an engine of economic growth, the river has become a symbol of many of India's modern problems, writes Onno Ruhl for HT@90 series

Building liveable cities will need smart planning

Urban planning needs to redesign systems for providing services and then redesign the utility to supply most efficiently and to all, writes Sunita Narain for HT@90 series.

Matam matters: Self-flagellation during Mohurram

Self-flagellation isn't practised by Shia Muslims to atone their sins. It is a symbolic practice, which recently drew attention, to signify that Shias would not have hesitated to lay their lives down for Imam Hussain.

Coming soon to India: internet of everything

It's the intelligent connection of people, processes, data and things. Citizens, companies and governments around the world are embracing it and turning to digitisation for more efficiency, writes Dinesh Malkani for our series HT@90.

The poor are left out in the cold by the system

The winters have been late this year but many have already died in north India. According to the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, 3,500 homeless people died in the city due to cold last winter.

Kabul should not slip away: India needs to overcome trust deficit

India must be mindful of Pakistani machinations and demonstrate that it can decisively secure its interests in Afghanistan -- considered the ‘gateway to Central and South Asia’, writes Amitabh Mathur.

Disappointing Lima UN talks delays climate change decisions

The disappointing negotiations and the inadequate agreement signed at the annual UN climate change conference COP 20 in Lima, Peru, have once again delayed the urgent action on mitigating climate change and enhanced the uncertainty of outcomes.

Peshawar killings: Time cannot heal all wounds

The attack has demonstrated that the Taliban nexus remains equipped with a fighting force to strike at vulnerable targets, especially institutions associated with the military, writes Razeshta Sethna.

Same terror, same pain: Peshawar, 9/11 or 26/11 attacks

Pakistan's Deep State must realise that it cannot be that the Talibani ranks are terrorists and the armed Lashkar foot soldiers are freedom fighters. It cannot be that the Tehreek-e-Taliban is bad and the Lashkar is good.

Weeping over Peshawar attack: When news makes a journo emotional

A day after we were reassured that there is some hope in the world — with Australia standing up for Muslims in solidarity during and after the Sydney hostage crisis through Twitter hashtag #illridewithyou — it all came crashing down, writes Osama Salman.

Mission 44+ looks well-nigh impossible

The people of J&K will rebuff attempts to define India narrowly and assert their right to negotiate relations with New Delhi.

Outrage hasn't helped, women's cry for justice still unmet

The second anniversary of the December 16 gang rape in Delhi is a time for sober-reflection. The criminal justice system continues to fail women as do policies of the NDA, writes Vrinda Grover.

Support, not abandon, the mentally disabled

Put an end to the abusive system that locks up women with psychosocial or intellectual disabilities.
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