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Signs are clear: Here's how Modi is taking down the Nehru-Gandhi nameplate

The churning of icons will go on as long as the NDA is in power. But what kind of new signage emerges is difficult to foresee, but it is not going to be an ovation to the Nehru-Gandhi family, Abhijit Majumder writes.

China's deft ploy? Aggression along border can keep India in check

An escalation of the border dispute may, in reality, reflect Beijing's more deep-seated concern about a restive generation of Tibetans growing up in India that their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, does not control.

India, China closer but still cautious as Xi visit ends

Policymakers are grappling with the implications of Xi’s visit. While some are underwhelmed, others point to the achievements. But all agree that border troubles dampened the mood.

Here's why Modi’s defence of Muslims is expediently wise

Narendra Modi’s endorsement of Indian Muslims might have come a trifle late. But its significance or expedience cannot be downplayed in the light of internal security imperatives dovetailed to his economic agenda.

Tibetan confidence in India has increased, but will Modi give in to China?

As much as the Tibetans are dependent on India — given that the Tibetan exile government is based here, it is also a fact that Tibet remains the missing link in the India-China border dispute.

Defensive India needs to take firmer stand against China

India’s fumbling responses to the increasing Chinese incursions do not bode well for its Himalayan security, writes Brahma Chellaney.

The PM must walk the talk on FDI

If Modi is serious about attracting more investment to the knowledge-intensive industries (such as the biopharmaceutical sector), his government will need to tackle three obstacles - intellectual property rights, regulatory system, healthcare.

Xi visit: MoUs done, now let’s discuss health, education

It is a welcome change to see Chinese President Xi Jinping meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad, as opposed to other heads of states who have avoided Gujarat. China is an economic, military and scientific powerhouse and to become one India needs to learn a lot from China.

For many undertrials, it’s a long walk to freedom

In 2010 and 2011, the UPA released lakhs of undertrials as part of the National Mission for Delivery of Justice and Legal Reforms. But for all the hoopla, it failed to make more than a temporary dent in the country’s undertrial population.

Moment of truth: Floods expose the great divide in J-K

Natural calamities are times of great truth, of togetherness, of closing ranks, of forgetting hatred and bitterness. Unfortunately, the J-K floods initially appeared to be enhancing the bitterness between Kashmiris and other Indians, writes Samar Halarnkar.

Why is India so mindful of protocols?

Ever since Mumbai was besieged by Pakistani agents of terror in 2008, India has been consoling itself with lies. India’s dogmatic adherence to 'uninterruptible dialogue' with Pakistan has yielded only uninterrupted insults, writes Kapil Komireddi.

India should stay out of West Asia politics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi would do well to distance India from the US’ exhortations on non-Nato ally status, writes Rajendra Abhyankar.

High costs may push the bullet train off track

‘Shinkansen’, or the ‘Bullet’ train, introduced 50 years ago in Japan, has evolved into many avatars — in Europe as TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) and China as CHR (Chinese Highspeed Rail) — and is now poised to enter India in a big way.

Modi and Xi need to balance interdependence and strategic rivalry

Both sides will, first, be straining to ensure that Xi Jinping's visit in no way pales in comparison to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Japan. Beijing has already announced that Xi’s visit will see investments worth $100 billion in India.

Why did you toy with love jihad when sabka-saath, sabka-vikas worked fine?

In three months’ time, the BJP having successfully experimented with ‘sabka-saath, sabka-vikas’ in Uttar Pradesh, ‘unofficially’ but inexplicably turned to ‘love jihad’ in the by-polls. As ‘Modi-Modi’ chants got replaced with ‘Yogi-yogi’ cries in these by-polls, the young who had just voted for their 'acche din' got confused.

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