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PM Modi must take a clear stand against motor-mouth MPs

The word in the BJP is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is angry. We are told that at two consecutive meetings of the party’s MPs, Modi let his displeasure be known to the motor-mouth MPs, writes Barkha Dutt.

Haider to hope: Impossible not to be optimistic about J-K's future

This is serious: Indian politics moves to being great equaliser

Divide and win: Owaisi brothers reap the benefits

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BJP leaders' statements bolster Sangh’s view of glorious Hindu past

Apart from expressions of disapproval in meetings, Modi has been silent and it’s not clear whether he is upset that his development agenda is being hijacked, lacks the clout to shake off the RSS or is playing the good cop/bad cop where he will make the right noises about governance, leaving the Hindutva brigade free to pursue their agenda.

Casteism exists in India, let’s not remain in denial

The 'elderly' need to be handled with care

In control of life and death

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Women’s safety: A million mutinies still to be fought

Women’s safety cannot be only about stringent laws, their time-bound implementation, enhanced policing, plugging the gaps in the criminal justice system. It must necessarily address values, beliefs and notions that men hold.

Mumbai’s future in Delhi’s corridors? The jury is out

Can Fadnavis take bold steps for ‘Slumbai’?

Can CM Fadnavis kickstart Mumbai's growth engine?

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Bombay police are inspiring confidence

My column this week is an unusual one — I wish to salute Rakesh Maria and his exemplary force of police officers, both men and women. I salute the Bombay Police once again.

Narendra Modi is no Indira Gandhi

Murli Deora: This was a man

Uddhav Thackeray is an emerging tiger

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BJP turning to polarisation to serve its political ends

The current RS impasse is a reflection of the furious unfolding of the Modi govt’s ‘lethal cocktail’ — selling grandiose illusions of ‘prosperity’ through ‘development’ while unleashing rabid communal polarisation, writes Sitaram Yechury.

A charmed life for India Inc

The Right-wing route is wrong

BJP's cocktail of communalism, anti-people reforms

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Is seeking pride from history a response to shame?

The Indian quest for national pride is meaningless. Sometimes comical as was evident from its hosting of the C’wealth Games. But, usually destructive, writes Manu Joseph.

Kejriwal in the running, but can 'Mufflerman' fly?

Cult of godmen: Rising faith in the unreasonable

The good, bad, trivial of Facebook as news editor

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@ShamiWitness Mehdi's arrest raises questions on online laws

It is clear that India needs to be proactive about a new online global culture and evolve a new legal framework that guards free speech while ensuring security and responsibility, writes N Madhavan.

Think global, act local: Here's what Uber can learn from McDonald’s

Social media angst needs active help

Zoho shows way for software's outcasts

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Political parties should teach leaders to mind their language

Political parties, especially those in power, should educate their ministers, legislators and workers on decency and decorum in public life, writes Chanakya.

Not double dutch, we need these languages

Leading from the front in a horse-drawn buggy

Indian politics is changing: Right is the new left

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Thank you, smokers, for cutting the fiscal deficit

Given that you can vote at 18 and, second, given that in six states you can drink at 18 and in 12 at 21, why should one have to wait till 25 to smoke? Asks Karan Thapar.

There are shades of grey when it comes to black money

One loud cheer for Mr Modi, don’t be squeamish about it!

No other PM’s career had such highs and lows like Indira's

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Nothing worse than being born poor in this country

Very tricky characters, our cute Indian kids. You never know what they’ll be up to next. In 2013, guess what they did — 1.3 million of the little blighters died before reaching their fifth birthday. That’s 3,561 of them popping off every day, 148 every hour. Now what on earth do they mean by doing that?

It’s high time we threw our many hats in the ring

Sanskrit for starters and then biriyani for lunch

Hooray, hooray, it’s a holiday, every single day

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How to keep your mind razor sharp

There's no single cause for failing memory, just as there's no single outcome for it. It may improve with some effort, or it may worsen with time. What all neurologists agree on is that if you give as much thought to your brain as you do to your body, the brain will keep whirring longer.

India’s rarest blood groups make transfusions a challenging affair

How much salt is too much? We answer the recurring query

Winter woes: Does cold weather make you ill?

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Delhi’s indifference to 1984 riots led to other massacres

It was Delhi’s deliberate amnesia and indifference to the lives mangled by that great frenzy of collective hate which paved the way for other massacres in other cities, writes Harsh Mander.

Need to clean our biases first, then our streets

‘Gujarat model’ of communal politics flourishing in UP

The silence on the rising communal tempers is deafening

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The line never changes

The US has been regurgitating the same stale pap on Kashmir for decades. It shouldn’t be a surprise, therefore, that as that pablum flows from the top, US President Barack Obama has been diagnosed with acid reflux

The eyes also have it

Act Fast to Act East

Convention on Terrorism needs to come into effect soon

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Space for change in Kashmir, but BJP may miss the chance

The rest of India can be won by the promise of good governance; Kashmir needs genuine ‘insaniyat’. Empathy must go beyond symbolic gestures, writes Rajdeep Sardesai.

Game is to hide: Srinivasan symbolic of deeper rot

Identity is not always destiny

Rahul Gandhi has to lead his troops

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Let's be adults, let's talk about tackling porn

There are three questions around banning porn: How do you define porn? Is porn responsible for violence against women? Can you really stop the flow of porn? Asks Samar Halarnkar.

Impatience creeps in, aspiring India stressed and dissatisfied

Moment of truth: Floods expose the great divide in J-K

Unless PM Modi soothes nerves, bad days may be coming

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Not for your eyes: Govt holds on to Netaji death documents

Why hide the papers? Why keep the conspiracy theories related to Netaji Subhas Bose’s death alive? And why deny India the truth about the death of one of its great freedom fighters? Asks Vir Sanghvi.

A view of India based on hatred

We need to rethink our 21st century idea of India

No low tide for Modi, bypolls mark defeat of BJP's hardcore wing

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How many days before the next Delhi rape?

Just as we were wondering if all the safety measures announced since the fatal gangrape of a 23-year-old two years ago have made the Capital any safer for women, horror played out on Delhi’s roads yet again. DCP hails cab to find Uber’s office

Delhi's wait for better bus service must end now

Housing city’s homeless much more than seasonal challenge

Rape victims being heard in Delhi, now give them justice

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For the real ‘green shoots’ look at who’s getting hired

Recruiters say the drive to hire employees is often triggered not by actual investment or expansion but on the expectation of that happening - a bit like how the Sensex rises on anticipation of good things happening, writes HT editor-in-chief Sanjoy Narayan.

Once more with feeling as Obama comes calling

Missing the point: Congress could do with a bit of orchestration

Wanted: New mantra for ‘Make in India’

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Why Uttar Pradesh must be broken up right now

According to the 2011 census, the population of UP was 199 million. The state’s sheer size is a crucial reason why UP has been so badly governed, as reflected in its appalling economic and social indicators, writes Ramachandra Guha.

Narendra Modi turns to Jawaharlal Nehru

How the talented Mehtas conquered New York

They were rivals, but with the same mission

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Will Jhakhand see a fractured mandate again?

Jharkhand, where the assembly elections are underway, has faced political instability ever since it was carved out from Bihar in 2000 and has seen 9 chief ministers and 3 President's Rule terms in last 14 years.

State of affairs in Jharkhand as it heads for elections

BJP attempt to form govt in Delhi akin to hara-kiri

Will the budget really usher in ‘acche din’ for India?

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What's the plan for MNREGA? Modi has to explain

We deserve to be told why the MGNREGA has been singled out for the axe, if for no other reason than to inform our views about future programmes, writes Abhijit Banerjee.

No job is 'low' - be it desk or labour

The new plan body must have a certain oomph

The centre may not hold: how public rage may hurt India

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'Dhoni lied to Mudgal panel, Meiyappan was in regular touch'

The most disturbing feature of Justice Mukul Mudgal's report is not that the top BCCI officials are complicit in wrongdoing, but that the malaise may have spread and in the process compromised India's most powerful cricketer, writes Pradeep Magazine.

BCCI now has a 'Yes Man' in Ravi Shastri

Tendulkar caught in trappings of an achiever in real world

Gavaskar not immune to conflict of interests

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Change course for a tryst with Nehru’s dreams

It is important for us not to lose sight of the Hind that Jawaharlal Nehru yearned for as we commemorate his 125th anniversary, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi. 

Sailing on the seas of history

The PM must represent India, not just market it

Richard Attenborough told India Gandhi’s story

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Let’s talk about the weather

Rising sea levels pose a significant risk to India’s economic growth given our extensive coastline, writes RK Pachauri.

World's climate change challenges are interlinked

Lost in statistics

Cold, necessary cuts

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Religious differences are there, but India is no communal tinderbox

The country has had communal riots. But it is unlikely that it is going to sink into a morass of religious violence like Syria or Iraq. It seems that scare-mongering about religion suits the purpose of our ‘secular’ and ‘religious’ extremists, writes bestselling author Amish.

A government’s job is to govern, not represent the views of all people

Go ahead, be a rebel

To make money is glorious

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That’s all folks!

This is the last Red Herring that will appear in this paper. Like all bad things (and, come to think of it, good things too), this column also had to come to an end, writes Indrajit Hazra.

Pre-flight reading

Fooling around

The lost Mughals

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For the Congress, there is no time to lose

Having lost power in Delhi and Rajasthan in the recently concluded assembly polls and having failed to topple the BJP governments in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the Congress is apparently headed for its lowest tally in the Lok Sabha polls in 2014.

Has Varun averted Gandhi vs Gandhi face-off in Amethi?

Congress steals Mamata’s thunder by naming Pranab

A difficult road ahead

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The old age pangs

We all reach a stage in life when we need help, love and kindness. Our parents, all their lives, have helped us, kissed our bruises, wiped our tears and made us what we are today.

No need to chase God

The battle for peace

Growth conundrum

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A Philanthropist

A frequent and welcome visitor is my very old friend, Nanak Kohli, often accompanied by Planning Commission member Syeda Hamid, whom I have also known and admired for many years. She and I share a great love for Urdu poetry, which somehow seems to go well with a large peg of single malt.

Fathering a novel

Remembering Ruth

Desi Meemokrasee

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A fierce competition

The new generation of Pakistani leaders must provide new slogans and effectiveness in service delivery to young voters instead of reminding them of old injustices. Ayesha Siddiqa writes.

An inconvenient truth

Caught in a vortex

Inch by painful inch

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Good restart but what took you so long, Dr Singh?

For an irrationally exuberant market yearning to look up, the politically-untenable legislative reforms proposals that climaxed after 40 months and changing partners may be good enough to deliver a 1,000-point Sensex return. Gautam Chikarmane writes.

Subsidies, politics, voters and taxpayers

Why now: the 4 compulsions behind our recent reforms surge

Diesel price hike: bad politics, but good economics

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Travelling on the Sufi trail

These days anything goes in the name of Sufi music. A number of labels have made capital of this musical currency over the last decade. So much has been put out there in the market that it's become difficult to know what's Sufi and what's not. Amitava Sanyal writes.

The league of obscure composers

Getting to Bhojpur via Wasseypur

Jaidev gets the Sachal treatment

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The Power of One

I believe in India. I believe in the people of India. I believe that each and every Indian loves his/her country. I believe that India is changing. I believe that India wants to change. Aamir Khan writes for HT.

Thirst in the land of malhaar

… towards a shared common good

The destroyer of all that is… good

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Loyally divided between Dada and the Knights

The intensity of Kolkata's relationship with Ganguly, its penchant for cosmic, comic hyperbole when it comes to the player, is unique. Soumya Bhattacharya writes.

Dead serious

A proper cricket fan

Onwards to Mumbai

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A taste of things to come

Enforcement of standards and informed consumer choice work better than bans. Pratik Kanjilal writes.

Don't behave like a Pig

Possessed by possessions

It doesn’t ad up anymore

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Long road to justice

Even as we bask in the success of one man's fast unto death to rid our country of corruption, and we take to the streets in solidarity, there are few among us who have been waging a silent war against corrupt officials and a crumbling system without so much as a pat on the back. Tithiya Sharma writes.

The forest’s cry

The code of a warrior

Green warrior

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Differential calculus

Taking over as chief economic adviser to the Government of India has meant adapting to changes — some obvious and some more subtle, writes Kaushik Basu.

He left his imprint on every field of economics

The visible hand

Rationality, Trust & Development

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