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The Maharashtra split: No love lost in this break up

It is my opinion that the breakup of the BJP-Sena and Congress-NCP alliances was the best thing that could happen to the people of Maharashtra, writes Sujata Anandan.

Shiv Sena and BJP: How they married and divorced

Divide and rule is order of the day

NCP’s truly dangerous game this election season

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Why it’s not a bad idea to visit a Ramlila ground this evening

For those who thought Delhi’s Ramlilas were all about bad wigs, gaudy make-up and overthe-top acting, here is a bit of hearty film trivia. Actor Shah Rukh Khan, who was born and raised in Delhi, got his first acting break at his neighbourhood Ramlila.

Hosting VIPs shouldn't bring Delhi to a standstill

Team up and report offenders to prevent Delhi from becoming a mega bin

DDA's great opportunity to set best standards for sustainable housing

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The PM must represent India, not just market it

The Indian PM goes with the confidence he will be seen as a symbol of India’s democratic will, India’s scientific audaciousness, India’s economic venturesomeness. But this is to be noted: On his first visit to the US, PM Nehru went to represent, not market India, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Richard Attenborough told India Gandhi’s story

You could impress Nadine Gordimer, disgust her, but not fool her

Not just figureheads: why the governor's post is important

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Nibble of pumpkin pie, sip of coke can help Modi warm up to US

Here’s a bit of gratuitous but well-meant advice. My specific intention is to assist Mr Modi worm his way into American hearts. And though they’re not usually difficult to enter, it’s always useful to know which keys to turn, writes Karan Thapar.

Bypolls message for BJP: the Hindu voter is secular

AAP’s CD episode has a different tale to tell

PM Modi, show the extremists the door right now

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‘Make in India’ means real work, not just 'jugaad'

Indian business has largely chosen to jettison attempts to innovate in manufacturing or develop a culture for doing so in favour of adopting what is known locally as ‘jugaad’, a simple workaround that gets the job done, writes HT editor-in-chief Sanjoy Narayan.

To tide over the energy crisis, look to the sun

As BJP reinvents itself, Congress still remains the grand old party

Right on the money: Fundings a major factor in Maharashtra polls

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How the Congress lost the diaspora

For at least two decades now, the BJP and its sister organisations have worked actively among Indians in North America. NRIs have helped fund the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the RSS, writes Ramachandra Guha.

The aam aadmi behind Attenborough’s Gandhi

The poison-fruit of political partisanship

Gandhi or Dadabhai Naoroji in Westminster?

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The rights of a cannibal: Surendra Koli and the Nithari case

In the way of legally substantial evidence, the police have nothing more than what Koli has admitted. His confession is disturbing, not only for its content, but also the fact that every crime is identical, the disposals of the victim’s remains, too, are identical.

'Let’s talk about the literary referees'

Activism and the gift of delusion

Guardians of the Galaxy marks the advent of rogue superheroes

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Tobacco kills half its users: Tips on quitting smoking

France has announced plans to introduce plain packaging of cigarettes as part of tough anti-smoking laws. Tobacco use in India is higher than France (31%), with 34.6% adults here using some form of tobacco. India too has introduced graphic warnings on tobacco packages, but how effective are they?

Health issues: The hours you work determines heart health

Twitter, Facebook and email are more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol

Get up, stand up, look younger, live longer

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Many degrees of separation

A festival tells those who are not of our religious persuasion who we are and what moves us. Why do we fast or dance. Religion at its best embraces, not excludes which is precisely why we need to invite and not dis-invite those who don’t practise our beliefs

Start off on the right foot: Walk and reach out

Cool tempers and ask: where is the evidence for love jihad

Modi has a chance to change India's discourse, but for that he must speak

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When do politicos plan on addressing citizens’ issues?

Less than a month before the state assembly elections, political parties are yet to focus on issues concerning people, such as roads, writes Smruti Koppikar.

Social media politics: Can parties get across the message?

The power shift behind Amit Shah-Uddhav Thackeray handshake

Shift the burden; push parties to pitch women

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Ignorance, lies pose as truth in RSS' history books

The dismissal of 11 Dalit students from a BJP state government-run school in Bikaner because they were drinking water from an earthen pot earmarked for an upper caste teacher once again highlights the continuing caste and social oppression.

A mirage called ‘Modi Magic’

Ananthamurthy, writer and defender of everybody's India

Be warned, BJP-RSS combine's agenda is to divide and rule

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BJP at the crossroads: What the party can learn from bypolls results

Amit Shah must decide which direction he wishes to take the party: Abandon coalition politics or pursue inclusive politics that looks beyond Hindutva. Rajdeep Sardesai writes.

Conundrum of modern political life: A leader's two sides

Modi's fine words must be followed by firm action

It’s time for Shiv Sena to grow up

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Messaging apps may eat phone calls

At the end of the last quarter, India had 71 million broadband subscribers, of which 55 million were using mobile devices. This in a nation of  919 million wireless mobile users. Clearly, data plans are only just taking off in India.

Cloud computing under a cloud

Wanted: A KYC for social media

Indian telcos walking backwards?

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China doesn’t take India seriously, at least not yet

Does anyone compare the United States to Mexico? Beijing sees only Washington as its peer. India barely makes it to the third tier of nations in China’s rankings, Chanakya writes.

Small steps, wise planning key to economy's 'achche din'

The BJP should know when its advice breaches a red line

CSAT to GM food: Govt must stop surrendering to street protesters

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No low tide for Modi, bypolls mark defeat of BJP's hardcore wing

Every time the BJP comes to power, there is a battle for the heart and soul of the party. The best way to understand the by-election results is to view them from the perspective of this battle, writes Vir Sanghvi.

Forget sentiment, India shouldn't meddle in Pak’s internal squabbles

No scoop lost in missing this flight

Congress would damage its own future if it supports Third Front

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India lags behind China in Kurdistan policy

India positioned an ambassador in Iraq in 2011 after trying for seven years. Among his first ventures was a visit to Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish autonomous region. Three years later, India needs to make its presence felt there, while the Chinese have already established economic ties.

Modi, Abe, Abbott: A coalition of the likeminded

Modi’s ice bucket challenge

Playing the winning hand

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Moment of truth: Floods expose the great divide in J-K

Natural calamities are times of great truth, of togetherness, of closing ranks, of forgetting hatred and bitterness. Unfortunately, the J-K floods initially appeared to be enhancing the bitterness between Kashmiris and other Indians, writes Samar Halarnkar.

Unless PM Modi soothes nerves, bad days may be coming

BJP's high-speed rail plans and fare hike could save Railways

Liberal, secular and Indian in the age of PM Modi

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An imaginary account of Scotland's 'independent' future

As this columnist predicted on September 19, 2014, the fatal day when the results of the Scottish independence referendum were announced, this partition of the United Kingdom would lead to ultimate instability and disaster, writes Farrukh Dhondy.

Mr PM, beware of attempts to mix history with myth

The false one: Islamic State's Caliph is a fantasy enterprise

Keep the faith, science's bounty is enough for us

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Religious differences are there, but India is no communal tinderbox

The country has had communal riots. But it is unlikely that it is going to sink into a morass of religious violence like Syria or Iraq. It seems that scare-mongering about religion suits the purpose of our ‘secular’ and ‘religious’ extremists, writes bestselling author Amish.

A government’s job is to govern, not represent the views of all people

Go ahead, be a rebel

To make money is glorious

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‘Gujarat model’ of communal politics flourishing in UP

Social hatred has replaced the tradition of shared living in Uttar Pradesh. This will render the next generation much more amenable to communal politics, writes Harsh Mander.

The silence on the rising communal tempers is deafening

India's courts in the dock, fail to give justice to Dalit village

Bengali Muslims can't be ‘cleansed’ by massacres and rhetoric

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When a woman undermines the horror of rape

The weakest link in the Karthik Gowda case is the woman’s desire to remain married to an alleged rapist. Accusing a man who didn’t marry you as promised or who married you and then dumped you isn't rape, argues Barkha Dutt.

The leader who won't lead: Congress' Rahul Gandhi problem

Missing the point: when media made Vaidik news

A world to convince: why a woman can't have it all

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BCCI now has a 'Yes Man' in Ravi Shastri

I write this more in anger than thoughtful calmness. Without mincing words and getting right to the heart of the matter, I must say that Ravi Shastri has been rewarded for totally aligning himself with BCCI's honchos.

Tendulkar caught in trappings of an achiever in real world

Gavaskar not immune to conflict of interests

Ignoring Cheteshwar Pujara is harming India

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The new plan body must have a certain oomph

Narendra Modi says that he will replace the Planning Commission with a think tank. But it will take some doing to attract high-quality people to work for it, writes Abhijit Banerjee.

The centre may not hold: how public rage may hurt India

Why BJP's plan of full reforms is easier said than done

China wants more babies now, but can it succeed?

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BJP attempt to form govt in Delhi akin to hara-kiri

Buoyed by the success in the LS polls, BJP leaders may be feeling that forming the government in Delhi is the right thing to do. Amid talk of six Congress MLAs possibly supporting a BJP government, Rajnath Singh has denied allegations of horse-trading.

Will the budget really usher in ‘acche din’ for India?

Why petro products subsidies should be done away with

Railway fare hike could be the first of many bitter pills

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That’s all folks!

This is the last Red Herring that will appear in this paper. Like all bad things (and, come to think of it, good things too), this column also had to come to an end, writes Indrajit Hazra.

Pre-flight reading

Fooling around

The lost Mughals

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For the Congress, there is no time to lose

Having lost power in Delhi and Rajasthan in the recently concluded assembly polls and having failed to topple the BJP governments in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the Congress is apparently headed for its lowest tally in the Lok Sabha polls in 2014.

Has Varun averted Gandhi vs Gandhi face-off in Amethi?

Congress steals Mamata’s thunder by naming Pranab

A difficult road ahead

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World's climate change challenges are interlinked

The human condition in the future would depend on how we manage the scarcity of water, energy and food. RK Pachauri writes

Lost in statistics

Cold, necessary cuts

A fluid situation

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The old age pangs

We all reach a stage in life when we need help, love and kindness. Our parents, all their lives, have helped us, kissed our bruises, wiped our tears and made us what we are today.

No need to chase God

The battle for peace

Growth conundrum

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A Philanthropist

A frequent and welcome visitor is my very old friend, Nanak Kohli, often accompanied by Planning Commission member Syeda Hamid, whom I have also known and admired for many years. She and I share a great love for Urdu poetry, which somehow seems to go well with a large peg of single malt.

Fathering a novel

Remembering Ruth

Desi Meemokrasee

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A fierce competition

The new generation of Pakistani leaders must provide new slogans and effectiveness in service delivery to young voters instead of reminding them of old injustices. Ayesha Siddiqa writes.

An inconvenient truth

Caught in a vortex

Inch by painful inch

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Good restart but what took you so long, Dr Singh?

For an irrationally exuberant market yearning to look up, the politically-untenable legislative reforms proposals that climaxed after 40 months and changing partners may be good enough to deliver a 1,000-point Sensex return. Gautam Chikarmane writes.

Subsidies, politics, voters and taxpayers

Why now: the 4 compulsions behind our recent reforms surge

Diesel price hike: bad politics, but good economics

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Travelling on the Sufi trail

These days anything goes in the name of Sufi music. A number of labels have made capital of this musical currency over the last decade. So much has been put out there in the market that it's become difficult to know what's Sufi and what's not. Amitava Sanyal writes.

The league of obscure composers

Getting to Bhojpur via Wasseypur

Jaidev gets the Sachal treatment

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The Power of One

I believe in India. I believe in the people of India. I believe that each and every Indian loves his/her country. I believe that India is changing. I believe that India wants to change. Aamir Khan writes for HT.

Thirst in the land of malhaar

… towards a shared common good

The destroyer of all that is… good

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Loyally divided between Dada and the Knights

The intensity of Kolkata's relationship with Ganguly, its penchant for cosmic, comic hyperbole when it comes to the player, is unique. Soumya Bhattacharya writes.

Dead serious

A proper cricket fan

Onwards to Mumbai

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A taste of things to come

Enforcement of standards and informed consumer choice work better than bans. Pratik Kanjilal writes.

Don't behave like a Pig

Possessed by possessions

It doesn’t ad up anymore

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Long road to justice

Even as we bask in the success of one man's fast unto death to rid our country of corruption, and we take to the streets in solidarity, there are few among us who have been waging a silent war against corrupt officials and a crumbling system without so much as a pat on the back. Tithiya Sharma writes.

The forest’s cry

The code of a warrior

Green warrior

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Differential calculus

Taking over as chief economic adviser to the Government of India has meant adapting to changes — some obvious and some more subtle, writes Kaushik Basu.

He left his imprint on every field of economics

The visible hand

Rationality, Trust & Development

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