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Housing city’s homeless much more than seasonal challenge

For a few years now, the authorities at Medicine Hat, a small Canadian town, have been doing what most civic agencies would have dismissed as outright foolish. They offered the town’s homeless furnished flats for free, The Economist reported last week.

Rape victims being heard in Delhi, now give them justice

Garbage management, not VIP photo-ops, can clean up Delhi

Smog alerts will help Delhi fight pollution

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Missing the point: Congress could do with a bit of orchestration

Congress leaders have called Modi’s Swachch Bharat movement 'a photo op'. Instead of carping about it, the Congress itself could do with a bit of orchestration, writes HT editor-in-chief Sanjoy Narayan.

Wanted: New mantra for ‘Make in India’

Our children could drive the Clean India movement

Black money case: It's an economic problem, keep politics out of it

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No other PM’s career had such highs and lows like Indira's

Congress nurtured Bhindranwale as a tool to curb the Akalis and he turned into a Frankenstein monster. The blame for that rests entirely with Indira Gandhi. She can’t escape it, writes Karan Thapar.

Not exercising the right to vote is very much a right

Rajdeep's book is deliciously unequivocal, indiscreet and bold

Father Gilfedder healed bruised hearts, and the sherry helped

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Narendra Modi turns to Jawaharlal Nehru

Nehru referred in December 1947 to the Sangh as 'a private army' that was 'definitely proceeding on the strictest Nazi lines.' Gandhi was as ambivalent towards the Sangh as they were towards him, writes Ramachandra Guha.

How the talented Mehtas conquered New York

They were rivals, but with the same mission

Nehru and Patel: Rivals or comrades?

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Hooray, hooray, it’s a holiday, every single day

The spectre of history is haunting India. Wherever you turn, they seem to be talking of Nehru and Patel and Aryans and Hemu. Those of us who passed our history exams by smuggling in little slips of paper in our undies have a hunted look these days.

Our share may be shrinking but the pie is growing

An inspirational essay could help you bag a job

Make a clean sweep in the Indian sweepstakes

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The power of Android: How smartphones are swatting out dengue in Lahore

Pakistan's Punjab Information Technology Board's dengue activity tracking system uses real-world field testing of aedes egypti (mosquito that transmits dengue) larvae and confirmed cases of dengue from hospitals to predict where outbreaks are likely to happen.

A mobile key to maternal health

What is Ebola? Ask the nation's frontline health workers

Tobacco kills half its users: Tips on quitting smoking

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The 'elderly' need to be handled with care

Unfortunately, for all our talk about ‘respecting age’, we regard wrinkles and grey hair with a measure of horror. When we talk of our demographic challenge, it is inevitably about ageing, writes Namita Bhandare.

In control of life and death

A fresh elections and a new result; yet Harayana seems to be stuck right where it was

Time to clean up your act

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'Dhoni lied to Mudgal panel, Meiyappan was in regular touch'

The most disturbing feature of Justice Mukul Mudgal's report is not that the top BCCI officials are complicit in wrongdoing, but that the malaise may have spread and in the process compromised India's most powerful cricketer, writes Pradeep Magazine.

BCCI now has a 'Yes Man' in Ravi Shastri

Tendulkar caught in trappings of an achiever in real world

Gavaskar not immune to conflict of interests

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A view of India based on hatred

Why should a generation that had no real experience of Nehru’s style of governance feel anger and bitterness towards a man whom most independent historians regard as one of the great figures of the 20th century? Asks Vir Sanghvi.

We need to rethink our 21st century idea of India

No low tide for Modi, bypolls mark defeat of BJP's hardcore wing

Forget sentiment, India shouldn't meddle in Pak’s internal squabbles

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Can CM Fadnavis kickstart Mumbai's growth engine?

Fadnavis may want to read the paper and many others of its kind that focus on redevelopment which goes well beyond the reduced version of buildings and carriageways, writes Smruti Koppikar.

Wanted: A Thackeray plan for Mumbai

Mumbai makeover plan in need of a genuine makeover

Mumbai can be both, Marathi and global

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Uddhav Thackeray is an emerging tiger

Breaking the alliance with BJP may have unleashed the 'chhota tiger', as Uddhav is now being described by many of the Sena's supporters, writes Sujata Anandan.

Don’t underestimate Uddhav Thackeray

No wriggle room for Devendra Fadnavis

A slip twixt the cup and the lip?

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Zoho shows way for software's outcasts

I saw on Sunday 'Rang Rasiya' and that somehow that brought back memories of last week, when I was visiting software product firm Zoho in Chennai. Zoho is unlike any IT company I have seen in the past two decades or so, writes N Madhavan.

Better support system for digital goods is the need of the hour

It's Snapdeal vs Flipkart vs Amazon, but watch out for Reliance

The importance of Sundar Pichai

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The Right-wing route is wrong

Remembering Nehru must mean that the RSS/BJP is not allowed to inscribe their 'thought and reverie' on the ancient palimpsest of India. This requires the reversal of the present neoliberal economic reforms trajectory, writes Sitaram Yechury.

BJP's cocktail of communalism, anti-people reforms

RSS-BJP: Unmaking the Indian Republic

Ignorance, lies pose as truth in RSS' history books

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Act Fast to Act East

India has always wanted to stride on to the global stage. Reality hasn’t matched that script, which the Modi government needs to change.

Convention on Terrorism needs to come into effect soon

In perpetual poll mode

Aiming for the summit

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Leading from the front in a horse-drawn buggy

It is clear that our Third Front aspirants have not understood much from the recent polls. Their brand of poverty politics has no takers ... Their double standards have no takers.

Indian politics is changing: Right is the new left

Our memorial culture must be buried now

We need Modi’s brand of shock and awe

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Identity is not always destiny

It is possible to express a measure of caste pride in harmless ways without expecting it to reap dividends in today’s meritocratic world. Rajdeep Sardesai writes.

Rahul Gandhi has to lead his troops

Assembly elections verdict is out: it's Narendra Modi vs the rest

To move forward, Modi needs entire team's support

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Change course for a tryst with Nehru’s dreams

It is important for us not to lose sight of the Hind that Jawaharlal Nehru yearned for as we commemorate his 125th anniversary, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi. 

Sailing on the seas of history

The PM must represent India, not just market it

Richard Attenborough told India Gandhi’s story

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This is serious: Indian politics moves to being great equaliser

Any muscle-flexing of power, small or big, is not kosher in a healthy democracy. Politicians still wield inordinate influence; but they no longer enjoy an expiry-free licence for bad behaviour. The shelf life of political entitlements is over, writes Barkha Dutt.

Divide and win: Owaisi brothers reap the benefits

Pakistan's army is in overdrive

When a woman undermines the horror of rape

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No job is 'low' - be it desk or labour

Our prejudice against physical labour can only undermine Narendra Modi’s drive to turn India into a manufacturing hub, writes Abhijit Banerjee.

The new plan body must have a certain oomph

The centre may not hold: how public rage may hurt India

Why BJP's plan of full reforms is easier said than done

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Need to clean our biases first, then our streets

The country is ostensibly in the throes of a great social movement for sanitation. Cleaning India requires dismantling the deadweight of India’s inequalities and the neglect of women and  people of disadvantaged castes and religions.

‘Gujarat model’ of communal politics flourishing in UP

The silence on the rising communal tempers is deafening

India's courts in the dock, fail to give justice to Dalit village

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Let’s talk about the weather

Rising sea levels pose a significant risk to India’s economic growth given our extensive coastline, writes RK Pachauri.

World's climate change challenges are interlinked

Lost in statistics

Cold, necessary cuts

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Religious differences are there, but India is no communal tinderbox

The country has had communal riots. But it is unlikely that it is going to sink into a morass of religious violence like Syria or Iraq. It seems that scare-mongering about religion suits the purpose of our ‘secular’ and ‘religious’ extremists, writes bestselling author Amish.

A government’s job is to govern, not represent the views of all people

Go ahead, be a rebel

To make money is glorious

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BJP attempt to form govt in Delhi akin to hara-kiri

Buoyed by the success in the LS polls, BJP leaders may be feeling that forming the government in Delhi is the right thing to do. Amid talk of six Congress MLAs possibly supporting a BJP government, Rajnath Singh has denied allegations of horse-trading.

Will the budget really usher in ‘acche din’ for India?

Why petro products subsidies should be done away with

Railway fare hike could be the first of many bitter pills

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That’s all folks!

This is the last Red Herring that will appear in this paper. Like all bad things (and, come to think of it, good things too), this column also had to come to an end, writes Indrajit Hazra.

Pre-flight reading

Fooling around

The lost Mughals

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For the Congress, there is no time to lose

Having lost power in Delhi and Rajasthan in the recently concluded assembly polls and having failed to topple the BJP governments in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the Congress is apparently headed for its lowest tally in the Lok Sabha polls in 2014.

Has Varun averted Gandhi vs Gandhi face-off in Amethi?

Congress steals Mamata’s thunder by naming Pranab

A difficult road ahead

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The old age pangs

We all reach a stage in life when we need help, love and kindness. Our parents, all their lives, have helped us, kissed our bruises, wiped our tears and made us what we are today.

No need to chase God

The battle for peace

Growth conundrum

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A Philanthropist

A frequent and welcome visitor is my very old friend, Nanak Kohli, often accompanied by Planning Commission member Syeda Hamid, whom I have also known and admired for many years. She and I share a great love for Urdu poetry, which somehow seems to go well with a large peg of single malt.

Fathering a novel

Remembering Ruth

Desi Meemokrasee

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A fierce competition

The new generation of Pakistani leaders must provide new slogans and effectiveness in service delivery to young voters instead of reminding them of old injustices. Ayesha Siddiqa writes.

An inconvenient truth

Caught in a vortex

Inch by painful inch

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Good restart but what took you so long, Dr Singh?

For an irrationally exuberant market yearning to look up, the politically-untenable legislative reforms proposals that climaxed after 40 months and changing partners may be good enough to deliver a 1,000-point Sensex return. Gautam Chikarmane writes.

Subsidies, politics, voters and taxpayers

Why now: the 4 compulsions behind our recent reforms surge

Diesel price hike: bad politics, but good economics

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Travelling on the Sufi trail

These days anything goes in the name of Sufi music. A number of labels have made capital of this musical currency over the last decade. So much has been put out there in the market that it's become difficult to know what's Sufi and what's not. Amitava Sanyal writes.

The league of obscure composers

Getting to Bhojpur via Wasseypur

Jaidev gets the Sachal treatment

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The Power of One

I believe in India. I believe in the people of India. I believe that each and every Indian loves his/her country. I believe that India is changing. I believe that India wants to change. Aamir Khan writes for HT.

Thirst in the land of malhaar

… towards a shared common good

The destroyer of all that is… good

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Loyally divided between Dada and the Knights

The intensity of Kolkata's relationship with Ganguly, its penchant for cosmic, comic hyperbole when it comes to the player, is unique. Soumya Bhattacharya writes.

Dead serious

A proper cricket fan

Onwards to Mumbai

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A taste of things to come

Enforcement of standards and informed consumer choice work better than bans. Pratik Kanjilal writes.

Don't behave like a Pig

Possessed by possessions

It doesn’t ad up anymore

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Long road to justice

Even as we bask in the success of one man's fast unto death to rid our country of corruption, and we take to the streets in solidarity, there are few among us who have been waging a silent war against corrupt officials and a crumbling system without so much as a pat on the back. Tithiya Sharma writes.

The forest’s cry

The code of a warrior

Green warrior

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Differential calculus

Taking over as chief economic adviser to the Government of India has meant adapting to changes — some obvious and some more subtle, writes Kaushik Basu.

He left his imprint on every field of economics

The visible hand

Rationality, Trust & Development

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