Bihar chief minister proves the state has the potential to grow

Bihar chief minister proves the state has the potential to grow

The editorial The rear is in gear now (Our Take, January 5) clearly shows that Bihar’s exceptional growth is
the result of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s efforts. Unlike his predecessor, Lalu Yadav, Kumar has proved that the state has the potential to grow by leaps and bounds, if proper attention is given to providing basic amenities and improving the state’s infrastructure.
Surendra Deo, via email

Introspection time for the media
Rajdeep Sardesai’s article Full disclosure (Beyond the Byte, December 30) is a laudable attempt by a journalist at analysing the shortcomings of his his own profession. The writer is right in stating that following a strict code of conduct will go a long way in preserving journalistic ethics. The problem of paid news should be checked urgently, as corruption in the media will affect all of society.
S. Kumar, Jind

A wildlife activist par excellence
Kudos to Rohit Brijnath for his well-written article on wildlife activist Billy Arjan Singh (Billy’s pugmarks, January 5). Whenever I watched activists like Steve Irvin and Jack Hanna on TV, I wondered why no Indian wildlife expert ever made it big. But Brijnath’s article helped me shed my doubts and informed me about Singh’s illustrious career, which, unfortunately, is unknown to many Indians. The media are doing a good job of spreading awareness on wildlife conservationists who play a crucial role in shaping society.
Nishant Sharma, via email

Goods and services tax (GST) was erroneously termed as general service tax in Samar Halarnkar’s article Lesson from Taj Nagar (Maha Bharat, January 7). We regret the error.


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