West must adopt the Polluter Pays principle

Kishore Mahbubani, in Warming against India (Can Asians Think?, August 10) has correctly emphasised that the West is the  prime polluter and is responsible for damaging the global environment. The national per capita income of the West, which is roughly 30 to 50 times that of India’s, has was achieved by misappropriating the collective wealth of the world. The West, therefore, must first pay up for its ravages in the past and then proceed to fix the current economic price for further damages caused to the environment by the developing, poor countries.

J.S. Bali, Dehradun

A Patchy Prescription

Karan Thapar in Doctors are the Best (Sunday Sentiments, August 10),  has glorified the medical profession. Perhaps, he was swayed by the  care provided to his mother at the Army’s R&R Hospital. But all doctors and nurses are not as dedicated to their profession as one would however expect. A poor patient, unlike the writer’s mother, wouldn’t receive the same love and care in a government hospital.

Vidya Sagar Sharma, Gurgaon


Karan Thapar is right when he says that the medical profession is the most noble profession. But he wrongly assumes that doctors and nurses all over the world are as dedicated. Many of us have experienced the distinction they make between the rich and the poor. When there is a case involving an accident, a few  doctors even refuse to treat the victim till he produces a police FIR copy. Many doctors are not very caring and attentive to under-privileged patients.

Harsh Sen, via email


It is nice on the part of Karan Thapar to appreciate the efforts of good doctors and other medical professionals who took good care of his mother. But Thapar has missed a vital fact. He did not elaborate upon the role of the ‘black sheep’ in the noble profession. The author’s views are are biased due to his personal experience.

Gaurav Malhotra, via email

Frankly Distasteful

Indrajit Hazra in St Stephen’s, frankly...(Red Herring, August 10),  seems to have missed the point that the outrage of the students and teachers against the comments of MS Frank stems from the fact that he is holding a responsible post. Frank’s concern for expectant mothers would have been a bit touching. Though  his insinuation that this is the state of most female ‘inmates’ in a co-ed hostel would end up in.

Poonam Thakur, via email


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