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Good beginning, but hurdles ahead

With the economy’s growth showing little signs of recovering to levels India was used to before 2008, the government cannot afford to turn its attention to factors other than those that ought to raise the trend line.

Even constitutional amendment cannot guarantee security to women

That even a constitutional amendment cannot guarantee security to women and girls has been borne out by the incident in Bokaro, where a caste head ordered a few days ago that a 14-year-old girl be raped for an alleged offence that her brother had committed.

Well begun, but Arun Jaitley has many more miles to go

The finance minister aims to mend public finances, keep policies consistent and taxes non-adversarial. But, these are extraordinary times.

Economic survey points to the job at hand

Any plan to turn things around would necessarily have to factor in the millions of hopefuls who join the workforce every year.

BJP's Mr Dependable Amit Shah has a litmus test coming

Amit Shah’s elevation to the post of party president signals a change in the dynamics within the BJP.

Mr Gowda, you are on the right track

The NDA government’s maiden railway budget is a realistic assessment of how the railways need to morph in a competitive environment; some of that sobering analysis finds place in Sadananda Gowda’s budget speech for 2014-15.

Revival of dying Ganga is of utmost importance

A recent parliamentary committee report said in all Rs. 2.2 lakh crore had been spent over the past 32 years on purifying the river, which takes in more than 2,000 million litres of waste a day, discharged by factories, not to speak of human waste, which accounts for about 80% of the pollutants.

Politically correct: why Parliament needs a Leader of Opposition

Irrespective of the numbers, a Leader of Opposition is required for the smooth functioning of Parliament. On Monday, the Congress president made a strong pitch for the post of LoP.

Poor definitions, poorer people

Keep the poverty line realistic and constant. It should be adjusted only for inflation.

The Buzz

Keeping tabs on the political grapevine

The foundation is weak: India's urban nightmare

Before planning smart cities, make sure that existing ones have buildings that don’t collapse.

Pakistan's fiery Kashmir talk puts India's ties in the cold

Islamabad’s rhetoric on Kashmir is a step backward for bilateral ties and makes peace moves by both PMs difficult.

Release of nurses in Iraq marks a new phase in Indian diplomacy

The release of the nurses stranded in Iraq seems to mark a new phase in Indian diplomacy, which has not always been on top of such things when it comes to our citizens abroad.

Spook state: Uncle Sam is keeping a watch on you

Documents published by The Washington Post have once again confirmed the global reach of the United States technical spying organisation, NSA. The documents were first leaked by former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Israel and Palestine must break the cycle of bloodshed

As a first step towards easing tensions between Israel and Palestine, Israel must refuse to go down the road of collective punishment as it has done often in the past.
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