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Smruti Koppikar

Why can't we be sceptical about Modi model of development?

Increasingly, in the dominant political discourse, scepticism and questioning are seen as inconvenient.

Raj Thackeray’s local politics and BJP’s national ambitions

All politics is, ultimately, local. This axiom was brought home in the last few days as the BJP’s endeavour to win the maximum number of Maharashtra’s 48 Lok Sabha seats was threatened by the Thackeray family-turned-political feud.

How RR Patil helped Sanjay Dutt get parole

The actor and his legal team seem to breeze through the hurdles in a process which usually doesn't favour convicts seeking few days out of jail, writes Smriti Koppikar.

Why ex-cop Satyapal Singh's politics raises disturbing questions

To what extent did the former IPS officer, who quit to join the BJP, allow his personal beliefs and politics to intrude into his policing decisions? We will never fully know, writes Smriti Koppikar.

An Open Letter to Mumbai University VC: how not to be an intellectual leader

Dear Dr Rajan Welukar, may I suggest that you consider going on a sabbatical soon, in fact sooner rather than later? There are many reasons to make the suggestion; here are a few.

Medha Patkar's best bet yet: Aam Aadmi Party

The activist is no stranger to politics, even electoral politics. After nearly 30 years of struggle for the marginalised, she formed the People's Political Front just before the 2004 general election.

AAP: a “political lone-ranger”?

Arvind Kejriwal is the rebel in the political system that Rahul Gandhi imagines himself to be and the Left parties long believed they could be. With support from a wide range of political and non-political advisors, he has shaken and stirred the system to an extent that veteran politicians are talking his language.

MumbaiNama: the idea of Mumbai survives

There may be more body parts, more blood, many more injured. The famed spirit of the city will take another beating. But the idea of Mumbai will survive repeated assaults. Smruti Koppikar writes.

Attend sensitisation classes, Ajit Pawar

Pawar, and others who believe and talk this way too, should be the target group for such public service messages. Let gender sensitisation begin at the top of the socio-political pyramid.

News for Thackerays: the 'outsider' is actually the insider

UNESCO report authoritatively affirms that migrants who are generally considered "outsiders" and "a burden" on the host city are actually anything but

Shinde's appeal to states on Muslims: right letter, wrong message

The timing is all wrong and it smacks of Machiavellian intent

Dhasal, the Dalit poet of rage Mumbai forgot

He fused his poetry and politics, life and activism, professional and personal with incisive and unforgiving rigour.

Manohar Joshi’s politics of patronage and party-lines is passé

Joshi may have seen the transition in Shiv Sena heading his way, but he did little to re-invent his politics to remain relevant to a generation that sees him as yesterday’s man, writes Smruti Koppikar.

From jobs to fewer jobs

Mumbai is not starved of rags-to-riches stories, men and women who came to the city with little except their skills and dreams, and went on to build their modest nests or mega fortunes. Smruti Koppikar writes.

Give us a safe city, not police protection

Shock and outrage all over again. How else would we receive news of the gang rape of the 22-year-old photojournalist in Mumbai? This wasn't the familiar Mumbai where women assume a minimum degree of security. Smruti Koppikar writes.
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