Can't imagine Sachin without cricket: Anjali

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Nov 17, 2013 01:47 IST

Behind every successful man there is a woman. Anjali Tendulkar has been that pillar behind her famous husband's illustrious career.

On Saturday, an emotional Anjali said it would be difficult to imagine him not playing any more.

"I can't imagine Sachin without cricket. I can imagine cricket without him but I can't imagine Sachin without cricket," said Anjali.

Speaking to the host broadcaster on Saturday during the match, she said the retirement was an emotional moment not just for him but the entire family.

She wondered how life will change once her husband starts spending more time at home. "Once he is in, things are going to be different. I think all of us will have to get used to having him around at home. But I would really be happy to hand over some of the responsibilities (to him)," she said.

Tendulkar, who scored 74 in the Test, was in tears on more than one occasion during the day. However, Anjali said her husband was not someone who showed his emotions.

All controlled
"All the years I have known him, Sachin has been very good at hiding his emotions. He never showed us that he was tensed before a match or upset by things said about him or not being able to perform up to expectation," she said.

Asked if she would put up shades to hide her emotions, Anjali said: "I am someone who doesn't show emotions that much. But in the last month, just thinking about it bring tears to my eyes. When it happens, it is going to be really emotional."

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