‘Dhoni has set a good example’

  • Subhash Rajta, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Sep 11, 2008 00:05 IST

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's decision to skip the Test series against Sri Lanka may have evoked mixed reactions, but it seems to have gone down well with his teammates, especially RP Singh.

And that's not without reason. "He has actually set a good precedent. A lot of times we play for too long at a stretch, risking fatigue and injuries. So a break is a godsend at such a stage," said the left arm-seamer.

But does RP see enough players coming forward and asking for a break when feeling fatigued or overworked? For instance, would any of the bowlers right now afford to seek a 'break', given the competition they have at hand?

“There is a healthy competition between all of us. We all learn from each other, and there is no sense of insecurity, either when we are in the team or when we aren't," said RP.

If true, this is the environment Gary Kirsten has envisioned for the team. The Indian coach had stressed the need to have a rotation policy and an environment wherein players don't feel insecure and remain reasonably certain of their places, irrespective of how their replacements perform.

Perhaps things have started moving in the desired direction, what with Dhoni showing the gumption to take a break, Zaheer Khan attributing his successful comeback to the 'break' and now RP Singh also approving of it.

If you believe RP, he feels completely at ease and secure on the field.

But what about off the field, especially with him opting to pursue an MBA degree from Amity Institute? Doesn't that betray a sense of insecurity somewhere?

“Well, that's planning for life after cricket. One can't play cricket forever and, therefore, one needs to plan for life post-cricket. And as for myself, MBA is what I have chosen for myself,” he said.



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