MS Dhoni a step away from becoming qualified paratrooper

  • Hemendra Chaturvedi, Hindustan Times, Agra
  • Updated: Aug 21, 2015 22:29 IST
Lieutenant Colonel Mahendra Singh Dhoni after his successful fourth jump. (HT Photo)

Lieutenant Colonel Mahendra Singh Dhoni successfully completed the fourth jump as part of his training with the elite Para Jump School under 106 Parachute Regiment of the Territorial Army on Friday morning.

Dhoni jumped from the height of 1,250 feet, and the AN-32 aircraft landed successfully near the Malpura (near Agra in Uttar Pradesh) dropping zone at 6.30am.

He is now just a jump away from becoming a qualified paratrooper in the Territorial Army's (TA) 106 Parachute Regiment.

On Thursday evening, Captain Cool completed his third jump, which was delayed due to bad weather. In order to avoid weather problems, he decided to complete the fourth jump early on Friday morning.

Dhoni, who has been undergoing training at PTS since August 6, has to undertake the jumps from 10,000 feet, including one at night, to be a qualified parajumper. He was conferred with the honorary rank of Lt Col in the TA in November 2011.

He had successfully completed his first para jump from an Indian Air Force AN-32 aircraft on Wednesday morning. This was followed by the second jump in the morning session on Thursday at Malpura dropping zone.

Dhoni was the first among a group of five troopers to jump from a height of 1,250 feet at 6.55am and landed within 65 seconds. Before his group, two paratroopers had jumped to inspect weather conditions and checked the air speed and the direction of flow.

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