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Watson guides Jaipur to brilliant win

A fine unbeaten effort of 76 runs from the Queensland all-rounder takes the less-fancied Jaipur team to victory.

cricket Updated: Apr 22, 2008 00:45 IST

Shot and four. Watson wins the game for Jaipur as the ball races past the boundary line. A well-earned win for the Jaipur team.

James Hopes now into the attack, too late and which way is the battle of the Queenslanders going ? Watson, starts off with a single to get it going. Next one, a wide. Not helping the Mohali cause, these extras. Twelve extras so far. Two runs, then followed when Sreesanth misfielded one. Realizing the chance for an extra run, both batsmen scampered through. 9 from 16 now. And just a single after Jadeja played it straight down to long-off. And, Watson just whipped it off his pads to get off the second run to bring it down to 6. And, two more for Watson as the batsmen charge in to put pressure on the fielders. Four needed now. Yorker from Hopes, and looks like Watson is winning the battle of the Queenslanders after all. A superbly paced 72 was a brilliant blend of bludgeon, luck and tenacity.

What a way to start of Chawla's over ! A big straight, flat four from Watson. He delayed his shot till the last minute, but once he connected the ball, it cleared for a brilliant boundary. Next ball, in keeping with the formula, he took a single and rotated the strike. Once again, Jadeja got into the act and tonked it over mid-wicket for an important boundary. And, the big one from Jadeja. He just cleared his front-foot and whacked it over long-on for the maximum. Stumping chance, and missed. A big chance for Mohali, but Sanga couldnt pull it off. Jaipur, 142/4 off 15.

Sreesanth back into the attack to have a crack at the death. Jadeja, tried to give himself room and cut it over the wicketkeeper, but he completely missed it. Dot ball, the result. Shot ! And four. Jadeja, giving himself room, connects powerfully and goes past the mid-off fielder for four runs. Good start for Jaipur. Again, a similar shot from Jadeja, this time the long-on fielder cleans up. Match going Jaipur's way ? Looks like, until Mohali get rid of this big Queenslander. Watson, pulled it down past mid-wicket for just a single. Sree to Jadeja now. Four again. Slogged for a boundary. Jadeja did what he looks to be good at, making room for himself and slicing it past point for four. No ball. Sree's day just gets worse. Free-hit and Jadeja uses the same formula to grab two runs. Jaipur, 127/4 off 14.

Wilkin Mota then came into the attack and was immediately driven straight down for a single. Jadeja, coming into the game with a reputation of a big six-hitter, then went for a slog over mid-wicket for a ball that wasn't there to be hit. Watson on strike. And Watson launched Mota over cover, with the ball falling in no man's land. And Watson scoring his first IPL fifty. Again into the shamiyana from Shane Watson. Third time in a row. Clean strike over mid-wicket hit with immense power. A quick blow after reaching his fifty. Is Watson playing like a baseballer ? He cleared his front foot, to drive it past the bowler for a single. And then, the last ball of Mota's over, was a dot ball, courtsey a thud into Watson's pads. Jaipur, 114/4 off 13 overs.

Irfan Pathan resumed and started with an abandoned run up, followed by a wild swing by Lehmann only to see it through to the keeper. He was then caught in front of the wicket by Pathan. The new batsman to join Watson was Ravinder Jadeja and Pathan welcomed him with a wide ball. He then got the next ball in the correct area only for a dot ball, the wide also brought up the 100 for Jaipur. Jadeja then got off the mark by advancing down the track to Pathan and smashing the ball over extra cover, just for one. For the second time in the over, Pathan pulled out once again. Close call, next ball. As the batsmen scampered through for a single. Jayawardene went for broke, and missed it. Direct hit and it would have had the batsman running off. Jaipur, 102/4 after 12.

Spin for the first time for Mohali, in the form of Piyush Chawla. And Watson through for a single past the bowler straightaway. Shot ! And four from Lehmann. Just pierced the gap brilliantly, treading it past the third man fielder. A four and a single - been the best formula for batting in limited overs. A quicker one from Chawla that forced Watson into the backfoot, and the batsman handled it superbly. And another one into the shamiyanas. A big one from Watson, he's the six-hitter today. It was a superb pull from Watson, that sailed over the mid-wicket boundary for six. Jaipur, on course at 99/3. After the ball was lost in the shamiyana and a new ball was taken and the scored remained at 99/3 after 11 overs.

Spin for the first time for Mohali, in the form of Piyush Chawla. And Watson through for a single past the bowler straightaway. Shot ! And four from Lehmann. Just pierced the gap brilliantly, treading it past the third man fielder. A four and a single - been the best formula for batting in limited overs. A quicker one from Chawla that forced Watson into the backfoot, and the batsman handled it superbly. And another one into the shamiyanas. A big one from Watson, he's the six-hitter today. It was a superb pull from Watson, that sailed over the mid-wicket boundary for six. Jaipur, on course at 99/3.

Tracer bullet, was it ? A boundary from Watson. Straight past the diving Pathan. Keeping with the strategy of limited-over batting, a single followed. Lehmann on strike, guided it down to third man for a good single. The partnership is getting dangerous for Mohali. An axe-man in the other end and a nudger in the other. Another boundary from Watson. A well timed stroke, through cover and the ball had enough legs to make the boundary past the diving fielder. And then, again a four followed by a single. Irfan finished it with a slower one, which Lehmann fails to pick and the score is at 87/3 off 10 overs now.

Going, going and gone ! Another big six from Watson off the first ball of the over itself. And then, a single from Watson - a logical one to keep the left-right combination going. Lehmann, failing to connect missed it completely and a good dot ball for Hopes. Lehmann, stroked one powerfully, just straight to Yuvraj at cover though. And a fiercely cut shot from Lehmann raced to the boundary for a boundary and a good partnership developing here for Jaipur. Important moments in the game. End of the over, and Jaipur are 76/3 after 9.

Irfan Pathan into the attack now. Good twenty20 bowler, this boy. The experienced Lehmann turned the ball away towards square leg to get the dangerous Watson on strike. Pathan to Watson. Just a tad swing in the air for Pathan as Watson defended it with aplomb. He followed it up with another good one to get himself going. Shot ! Just for one though. The ball was played to long-off by Watson, and the duo completed a single. Wide from Pathan. Pathan was getting a shape away from the bat, but that was too wide for Lehmann to reach. Cut away for one off the penultimate ball of the over. And the final ball of Pathan's over was guided by Watson, not intentionally though for a single, that fell short of Sangakkara, just bounced in front of him. Jaipur, 64/3 off 8.

Hopes to Lehmann and an inside edge from Lehmann, down to fine leg and more importantly, a single for Jaipur. What was that ? The bat got broken as Watson went big to cow-corner. Six, the result but that bat needs to be replaced now. Dot ball from Hopes follows with Watson with the new bat. Next one from Hopes and played away by Watson. Looks like that new bat aint that productive. Tried to work it down the leg side, but Hopes finished the over off superbly, having had a six smacked off him early on. End of the over where the broken bat made IPL history - a first. 60/3 after 7 overs.

Boooof and four ! Darren Lehmann joined Shane Watson in the middle and facing a fellow Aussie, Brett Lee, Lehmann guided it past the first slip to open his account in the game. Second one, straight on the money from Lee, no run to Watson. Rapped on the pads, and not out. Lee asked the umpire, but height was a factor as was the ball pitching outside the leg-stump. Next one, a dot ball from Lee, with Watson, just playing that one away. Having bowled the fastest ball of the tournament so far, Lee came up with a ridiculous slower one, that beat Watson all ends up, before going through to Sangakkara. And Lee capped off his over, with a dot ball again.

Hopes into the attack now. He tumbled as he was following through, and bowled it short to Akmal, who managed to get a single off the first delivery. The Queenslander's battle resumes now. Hopes to Watson this time. Watson gave him the straight bat first up, but then steered him off his pads for a single. And safe, and four. Kamran shaped up to pull Hopes towards mid-wicket, and got the shoulder of his bat, and went over fly slip for a boundary. Akmal didn't look in control. And, the catch of the match so far. Big wicket for Mohali as Kamran Akmal chipped it in the air, Chawla covering some distance backwards and finishing a top catch to send the Pakistani wicketkeeper back. Jaipur, three wickets down for 48.

Sreesanth then resumed his spell from the other end, and started off with a wide. Loose delivery once again from Sreesanth. Next up, Watson left it alone - not a common scene in T20 cricket, looks like a rare shot amidst the slogfest. Once again, outside the leg-stump and the Mohali players go up once again. Dar doesnt give a wide, which suggests it must have come off something, thigh pad we guess. Some more chatter from Sreesanth. Watson, flicked the next one off his pads for a couple of runs. 31/2 now. Wide once again. The run-up didn't look like Sreesanth's normal one, and the way he finished it, it was going down the leg-side. Whats that now ? Six ! It went all the way. The clean-striking Watson, just picked it up and lofted it over the bowlers' head straight for a six. Superb shot. One of the smallest sixes of the tournament, 68m. But an important one. Sreesanth's fiery emotions once again, as he the batsmen played it back straight to him. Whats happening here ? Focus and temeperament is the key. Four ! Straight shot. Watson, fetched it from outside the off-stump and slammed it past the bowler for another boundary to cap the 4th over. Jaipur, 42/2 off 4 overs.

Lee to Pathan and the elder Pathan does well in playing it off his pads to collect two runs straight up. Shot and Four ! Superb swivel from Pathan as he pulled it fine past the wicketkeeper for a much-needed boundary. Wrong line from Lee, a tad down the leg-side. And gone. The ball comes off Pathan's leading edge, the ball going high in the air and Binga perched down there and pulled off a smart catch to send back Pathan. Jaipur, 19/2. Shane Watson joined Kamran Akmal at the wicket and the Pakistani wicket-keeper, given the strike following Pathan's dismissal, rotated the strike straightaway. No ball once again from Brett Lee. His third of the tournament. And no run once again. A superb shot from Akmal rounds off Lee's over. Waiting for the umps to decide if its a four or a six. Looked clean - a superb pull shot from Akmal through mid-wicket. SIX ! As Jaipur were 28/2 at the end of 2.

Sreesanth with his skins and two sweat bands comes in now. And gone. Sreesanth picks wicket off his first delivery. He pitched it up, Kaif nowhere close to the pitch of the ball, trying to play a meaningless stroke and the ball takes a slight feather before going through to Sangakkara's gloves. First blow for Jaipur as one of their senior player departs. And a wide from Sreesanth. Ragged, as he is usually. Yusuf Pathan, joined Akmal in the middle. Sreesanth, gave Kaif an aggressive send-off, with facial expressions only he could come up with. Brother drops brother. Yusuf lofted this one from Sreesanth, which was pitched up and Irfan dropped a tough one. First introduction for Akmal, came through a tough way - when Aleem Dar missed the noise off his bat, looked out from here - there was an edge. Some words from Sree. What was that ? IPL, are you watching ? And four, with Aleem Dar's hands doing two things at the same time - signalling a no-ball. He strayed it on Akmal's pads and the Pakistani wicketkeeper was good enough to put it through square leg for a boundary. Free-hit coming up ! And again, the batsman misses it. End of the over, Jaipur 13 for 1 off 2. Big over.

Lee charging in and Kaif opening the batting for Jaipur. Not usual ? First ball played away for no run. And a no-ball from Lee. Free-hit coming up. Fasten your seat belts now. Second one for Lee in the tournament. In the air and out, second time again for Lee. Wicket off the free-hit. Kaif tried to mistime it, and the did not come off the middle of the stick and Yuvraj at mid-off took it clean. Alas, he couldn't be out. Lee charged in once again and clocked 147.6 kmph. Kaif, going for the cut couldn't do anything except watching it thud into Sangakkara's gloves. Lee, then struck Kaif on the pads and it stuck him in line, but the only doubt in the mind of the umpire would have been the height. And first runs off the bat for Kaif as he cut it fine past the point fielder to the fence. Using Lee's pace as he clocked 147.9 kmph. Another edge flies off the bat of Kaif, but only for a single as Mota at third man cleans up. Jaipur, 6/0 off the first over.

Watson to finish proceedings for Jaipur. Edged and four. The ball takes Chawla's outside edge and races past the diving Akmal for a quick boundary. Important runs, this for Mohali. And then, Watson did the damning sin of bowling a no-ball. Mota on strike now, for the free-hit. He's known for his big hits in the Mumbai circles, but what could he do now. It was pitched short by Watson, and Mota swung his bat, with the ball not going past the inner circle. Just a single. Another short one from Watson, as Chawla tries to swing his bat andha-dhundi in cricketing slang. And Chawla chipped one in the air, perfectly placing it between the converging fielders, as the batsmen manage to pick up two runs. What sort of a shot was that ? Chawla ran across towards the off stump and picked it up from there, slotting it perfectly past the fine-legger. And what a finish. A boundary to wrap it up. Pitched it short, and Chawla just pulled it past mid-wicket for another boundary. Mohali finish their innings with 166/8. A decent score on this wicket. But, they'll have to bowl well when their chance comes again.

Munaf came back for his finishing over and was picked well by Sohal off his first ball. Salunkhe's misfield allowed Sohal to get two runs. And then, Sohal added one more to the total as he pushed one to covers as the batsmen scampered through for a single. And four. A full-toss, a gift of a delivery from Munaf allows Chawla to throw his bat around and the just raced through to the fence for boundary. Chawla added two more to his score when he guided a low full toss towards third man. And again, but just a single this time. Shot and just one this time. Suicidal run-out for Mohali, as the deep fielder first attacked the ball and then thudded it into Akmal's gloves, who didn't have to do much except whip the bails off with the batsman nowhere near the crease. Mohali, 149/8.

Trivedi began his last over to a dot ball, with Pathan trying to beat the life out of it. And a wicket ! Pathan, trying to go for a slog over mid-wicket, got the thinnest of edges and with a safe wicketkeeper behind the wicket, Akmal made no mistake. Pathan did not wait for the umpire to make the call, and just walked as he knew his fate. Binga Brett Lee walked into bat for Mohali. Expect a few blows from him. Caught and Bowled ? Trivedi drops a chance yet again, it was hit straight back at Trivedi, who could not get down in time to complete the catch. One more gone down for Jaipur. Edged and taken ! Another wicket for Trivedi. Binga walks off for a duck. He tried to flash hard for a cut shot, but could only manage an edge in the process, which Akmal duly obliged behind the wicket. Mohali, 136/7. Two wickets in three balls for Trivedi. Piyush Chawla, then walked into bat and was welcomed with a peach of a delivery - with him not being able to do anything about it. And he went for the slog, and managed only a single down to third man. Mohali, 137/7 off 18 overs.

Warne came back in the 17th over to finish off his spell and Yuvraj and a dot ball to start with. A bludgeon, then followed from Yuvraj's bat as he tried to go over long-on for yet another one, but it was a display of good fielding from the deep fielder. Pathan, then got into the act, tonking Warne over mid-wicket for a big six. And keeping with good limited over batting, took a single off the next delivery. And gone ! Yuvraj departs after his fifty, trapping him plumb in front. Big wicket for Jaipur at the right time. Yuvraj was looking dangerous big time. He departed for 57 off 33 balls with Mohali at 136/5. Local talent Sunny Sohal, then came into bat and guided Warne's last ball for no run to end the over at 136/5 off 17.

Pathan into the attack and is greeted by a huge six. Lets refer to the Pathans as Yusuf and Irfan now. Flighted from round the wickets, Yuvraj just hammered it over mid-wicket for a big big six. And again. Same area from Yuvraj, just that the ball was a full-toss. Two in two from Yuvraj. He reached his fifty, first of the tournament. Yuvraj went for a big one yet again, and managed to pick a single. Then the battle of the brothers - Yusuf to Irfan and two defensive strokes from the younger one. Mohali, 128/4 off 16 overs.

Trivedi, then came to bowl his third of his spell and began with a single, that Yuvraj took off the first ball. Then, Pathan, slightly under pressure to score, went for a wild swish and missed it completely. It was a deja vu for Trivedi yet again, as Pathan charged down the track but could not connect. Pathan feeling the heat now. And trying to go downtown, Pathan managed to go over the top, but the ball going one bounce to mid-off. Yuvraj then tried to pick-up one from Trivedi and missed again, good over from the Gujrat seamer. He finished it strongly, with a leg-bye off the last ball. 115/4 off 15 overs. Mohali need some slogs now.

Salunkhe, came back into the attack and GONE into the shamiyana. Superb shot from Yuvi. Salunkhe from round the wicket pitched it short and Yuvraj just pulled it for a massive six over mid-wicket for the max. Then a four, again with a lot of power. Was pitched up by Salunkhe, Yuvraj was up for it and smashed it through cover for another boundary. Yuvraj looking dangerous here. No signs of Yusuf Pathan as yet. Must be itching to have a go at his younger kin. A strong finish from Salunkhe as he conceded just a run after that pasting. Mohali, 112/4 off 14.

Looks like Warne's gone to Trivedi now. Pathan, took a single straight away and gave the strike back to the dangerous Yuvraj. Yes, he's looking dangerous now. And what was that ! A bouncer that Yuvraj forced Yuvraj into an awkward position. It went really quick to Yuvraj off the surface. Yuvraj, then tried to pull it past short mid-wicket, but could not do much as he mistimed the delivery, bringing the fielder into play. Dropped again ! Jaipur fielders are down with butterfingers ! It was a powerfully struck stroke from Yuvraj, which flew to Kaif, who put it down. Kaif ! Trivedi, trying to go for the yorker overpitched the last ball of the over and Yuvraj turned it for a single to rotate strike. Pathan, went for the pull and missed it completely to finish the 13th over with a dot ball. Two lives for Yuvraj already. Costly misses for Jaipur, one feels. Mohali, 101/4 off 13.

Pankaj Singh, the lanky fast bowler then replaced Salunkhe into the attack and Yuvraj just guided it past the bowler for a single. Pathan followed suit, giving the strike back to the Mohali captain. Powerful strike from Mohali, could have taken off Aleem Dar once again. Yuvraj has a habit of testing Dar's reflexes. It took the stumps through, but one run completed more importantly for Mohali. Another run, from Pathan's bat took their total to 89. And then four runs ! Yuvraj swivelled perfectly once again, picked it up low and put it past fine-leg for another boundary. Superb shot again ! As Yuvraj creamed it through the covers for a fine boundary. Eight runs to finish off the over. Mohali, 97/4 off 12. Expensive start from Pankaj.

Oh, gone, oh no, Dropped ! Boof makes a big mess of a sitter. Warne tossed the googly up in the air, with Yuvraj mistiming the ball and Darren Lehmann making a hash of it in the end. Yuvraj would have been a big wicket now. Pathan rotated the strike with one taken on the full from Warne, hitting it straight to long-on for one. Was it the zooter ? Warne pushed Yuvraj back with a quicker one and followed it up with what is not seen much in T20 cricket - a forward defensive stroke from Yuvraj. Hitting holes or targets as Deano says, thats exactly what Mohali are doing now, as Yuvraj and Pathan completed yet another single. A big over possibly in the over. The drop chance could haunt the home team. Mohali, 85/4 off 11.

Watson back into the attack now. His first two overs went for 13 runs. And starts off with a yorker and an appeal. Very close call ! Yuvraj was struck just a shade outside leg-stump and that saved him. Yuvraj, then played a pick-up shot moving with a shimmy towards the off-side and just guided the ball towards the vacant fine-leg boundary for four runs. Four more from Yuvraj. Watson just strayed it down leg-side a wee-bit and the left-hander had to just put bat to ball and the ball sped away for a boundary. 8 runs in 2 balls now. Watson bowled the next one fuller in length, with Yuvraj drove it down for a single.Irfan Khan Pathan to take strike now. And, a bouncer up-front from Watson. Watson hit the pitch hard, bending his back to rattle Irfan first-up. A dot ball ended Watson's third over with Mohali at 82/4 off 10 overs.

Warne, beginning his second over conceded a single off his first delivery and that brought James Hopes on strike. Once again, flight did Hopes in. Going for the slog-sweep and the ball turned big and the batsmen just swung his bat, without making any contact. Hopes rotated the strike off the next delivery, giving it to Yuvraj. And a good shot, just for one from Yuvraj - when he pulled it to mid-wicket. And gone ! Shane Warne, trapped James Hopes plumb in front of the wicket as Hopes tried to slog-sweep the bowler, the ball striking him in line of the stumps and gone ! Warne, the predator is into the act again ! Mohali are in some trouble now, 73/4 now.

Dinesh Salunkhe, the Cricket Star winner was then brought onto the attack by Warne, a leg-spinner again and he got off to a ragged start. But, the youngster from Mumbai looked like getting into the groove when one turned and Hopes went for the slog-sweep, it took the outside edge and with no sweep, raced to the third man boundary. Salunkhe, got into the act straightaway when he picked Jayawardene's wicket, with the Sri Lankan skipper charging him down the track but could not make any contact whatsover, and the Akmal, did the rest. The home team seems to be on top now as Yuvraj, the Mohali skipper walked into bat. And, Yuvraj got off the mark in typical style as he stroked one straight down the ground for a brilliant boundary. And, with some drama, the bowler bowled a wide, but charging down like a football after scoring a goal, appealed for a caught behind, that wasnt there. Maybe it just kissed the gloves through to Akmal. Mohali, 70/3 off 8.

And Warney into the attack. The crowd getting into the act now...Sangakkara facing Warne, with the fielding restrictions coming off. A pull shot from Sangakkara fetches a single run for Mohali. Hopes comes on strike now. Whats coming next ? A Zooter ? A flippa ? Hopes waited for the ball from Warne and turned it off his pads for a single. And gone ! Warne picked up his first wicket for the tournament, when Sangakkara tried going after an overpitched one from the bowler, failing to make enough contact to go over his head and played it straight back to him. Sangakkara's blitz comes to an end with a 20 off 8 balls. Mohali, 56/2. Mahela Jayawardene walked into the middle for the first time and got off the mark in his second delivery, a cut shot played through point for 1. Hopes, then swept the ball fine and collected two runs to finish the over at 59/2.

Hopes then tucked the new bowler, Siddharth Trivedi away for a single in the first ball of the sixth over. And then Sangakkara, facing his second ball put it away for a big six over mid-off. Superb shot. Sangakkara followed it up with a boundary, not quite from the middle of the bat, lofting it over mid-on, with the ball taking two paces before reaching the fence. Another misfield, another boundary. It was struck powerfully by Sangakkara, and the mid-on fielder made a hash of it in the end and the ball scooted through to the fence for a boundary. Three in a row from Sangakkara - Six, Four, Four. Trivedi then bowled a bouncer, which Sangakkara ducked out. The last over was a single taken by Sangakkara, who advanced down the track, and checked his shot in the last minute, evading the bowler. Mohali, 54/1

Patel, began his third over with a couple of dot deliveries, which were attempted yorkers. Again, pitching it short, Munaf got the treatment as Goel pulled it superbly for a boundary. That was followed by a straight six, that sailed over the ropes. What a comeback by Munaf Patel ! A superb toe-crushing yorker from Munaf disturbs the woodwork, as Goel could not get his bat down in time to keep it out. Mohali, 34 for the loss of Goel. Kumar Sangakkara, then joined James Hopes and got off the mark straightaway with a superb boundary, flicked off his pads by the batsman and a misfield, taking the ball through to the ropes on what looks like an electric outfield. Mohali, 38/1 off 5.

The battle of the Queenslanders seems to have Hopes' way for now, with the all-rounder powerfully driving Watson through the covers for four runs. Boof Boof ! As 38-year old Darren Lehmann got down to Watson's next delivery and it was whacked hard by Hopes. Good save. Further signs of the ball not coming on to the bat came through when Hopes tried to take the leather of one, but completely mistimed it and the ball just went to mid-on. No run. Again, perhaps beaten by pace here. Bowled at 141.9 kmph, Watson got it bang on target, Hopes went for the cut shot, that wasn't there and the ball going on the bounce to the keeper. Shot ! Superb shot from Hopes, as he swivelled and pulled it perfectly over mid-wicket for his second four of the over. Again, the cut shot didn't come through as the ball went straight to the backward point fielder. Three on the off for now. Mohali, 24/0 after 4.

Munaf's second over got off to a rank bad start with Goel, dispatching him over mid-off for a boundary, with the ball just taking a bounce before crossing the ropes. The pitch showed signs of a two-paced, tennis ball bounce as Goel mistimed the pull-shot on both occasions. And, finally, getting on to the pull, with superb timing, pulled one over mid-wicket for the first six of the game. Aggressive intent from Goel ! He came down the track and tried to go over the top, but missed it completely and Munaf asked the umpire if he made any contact with the ball, but no word from the umpire. Having began the over with a boundary, Munaf finished it strongly, with a dot ball. Mohali, 16/0 after 3.

First ball from Watson and four. Straying down to Goel's pads and the young Punjab left-hander just glancing it fine for a boundary. First hit to the fence for Mohali. Watson, making amends for his previous delivery, pitched one on a length that held itself for a while, before Goel checked his shot and the ball reaching the fielder on the bounce. The next delivery was a tad short from Watson, with the batsman trying to go for the pull - the ball taking the slice of the bat, hitting it in the shoulder. Watson comes back superbly after that bad one in the start of the over, by bowling a jaffer to Goel, which would beat any good batsman on its day. And, in the fifth ball of the over, Goel pulled one to fine-leg for a single, bringing the dangerous James Hopes on strike. Queenslander to Queenslander again ! Watson to Hopes - The ball doesnt come on to the bat, as Hopes tried to pull it through mid-wicket, but did not get the right timing and the ball ended up at mid-on. Mohali, 6/0 after 2.

Munaf Patel begins proceedings first-up for Jaipur. Two dot balls from Patel. The first ball, pitched on outside off and just moved away. The next one, played watchfully by Goel. He flicked the third one to square leg, where Yusuf Pathan got to the ball like a hawk and threw it direct, only to miss the stumps. Next ball, was perhaps an action replay of the previous one, except that Goel and Hopes completed a tight, cheeky run. Two misses in a row for Pathan. Hopes, then saw through a ball from Patel to finish the over, with just one run on the board. Good start from Munaf. Mohali 1/0 after the first over.

Toss : Yuvraj and Mohali win the toss and elect to bat first. Changes Mahela in for Katich and Sunny Sohal comes in for Pankaj Dharmani. Kamran Akmal, fresh from a 81 ball hundred against Bangladesh will take the gloves and open the batting for Jaipur.

Pitch : The pitch at the Sawai Man Singh stadium seems like an ideal T20 wicket. Without any ghosts in the surface, it has a good shine and if both sides play to potential, it could in all probability be a high-scoring contest. Win the toss and bat first kind of a wicket, put the runs on the board and defend it.

All is in readiness at the Sawai Man Singh stadium, the home of the Jaipur team for the clash of the two lowest teams in the IPL thus far. Mohali, after their loss to Chennai, would be looking forward to assert themselves, considering the big names in their team. Jaipur, on the other hand, would also prefer opening their account in the IPL in front of their own crowd.

Unfortunately for the hosts, Graeme Smith - the South African captain hasn't arrived in time to make the eleven today. His domestic franchise, Cape Cobras were knocked out of the South African T20 competition on Sunday. Dimitri Masceranhas, the Hampshire and England all-rounder played for his county side in Sunday's Friends' Provident trophy and he's also not expected to join the team till mid-May. Jaipur are considered the weakest team on paper in the IPL, but sadly for the pundits, cricket is not played on paper. Niraj Patel, the elder brother of Chennai's Parthiv could make his first appearence in the IPL, at the expense of Taruwar Kohli, who looked all at sea against Glenn McGrath in the last game.

Mohali, coached by Tom Moody will rely heavily on their Indian talent to see them through the game. Sreesanth and Irfan Pathan will hold the key to how Mohali fare in the game today. Brett Lee will be charging in with the new ball and Wilkin Mota, the Mumbai-Ranji all-rounder will be crucial to Mohali's middle-over fortunes. Against Chennai, they relied on some part-time bowlers like Karan Goel to take the pace off the ball, but with specialist spinners like Ramesh Powar in the team, it will be interesting to see the combination Mohali will field this time around. Mohali could make one big change in the team, with Sri Lankan skipper Mahela Jayawardene taking Simon Katich's game. In their previous fixture, Katich didn't really look a part of T20 cricket, having been on top of run-scoring charts in Australia.

Teams :

Jaipur : Kamran Akmal (wk), Shane Watson, Yusuf Pathan, Darren Lehmann, Mohammad Kaif, Ravindra Jadeja, Dinesh Salunkhe, Pankaj Singh, Shane Warne (c), Siddharth Trivedi and Munaf Patel

Mohali : Karan Goel, James Hopes, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Yuvraj Singh (capt), Irfan Pathan, Brett Lee, Sunny Sohal, Sreesanth, Wilkin Mota and Piyush Chawla